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    Alliance of Death Factions; How many are there?!

    Another impressive compilation, thank you!
  2. MasterSpark

    Alliance of Death Factions; How many are there?!

    Malisteen, do you reckon the Legion of Nagash book will be fully usable in the next edition of AoS? Will it contain anything not in the coming new rulebook and handbook to merit picking it up?
  3. MasterSpark

    Alliance of Death Factions; How many are there?!

    @Malisteen, I forgot to say that I already have all the models, with 10 of the old metal blood knights just dying to ride again. :) The thing I'm waiting for now is to see what GW comes out with for official base sizes, which I've heard will be part of either the new rulebook or general's handbook.
  4. MasterSpark

    Alliance of Death Factions; How many are there?!

    Thanks Malisteen, that's very helpful. I plan to go with Soulblight for an escalation league in August to celebrate the new edition. It'll be a bit limited but impactful, and during lower points levels the lack of options shouldn't be too bad as it fills up so fast anyway.
  5. MasterSpark

    Apects of Nagash

    I'm not familiar with most of the Warhammer novels but I like the idea put forward here. From the End Times and on Nagash basically absorbed and became the god of death himself, and with that I suppose he had to assume the duties that come with the role. It would make sense that in the new age...
  6. MasterSpark

    Age of sigmar

    Ah, there it is. Thank you. :)
  7. MasterSpark

    Age of sigmar

    Which ones are you talking about, @Unas the slayer? I can't find it on GW's page.
  8. MasterSpark

    SkavenInAZ Battle Reports

    Good to see you're still going strong!
  9. MasterSpark

    The Second Battle of Point LeStroud (5e - 1500 points - VC vs. HE - Tournament Battle)

    You've made a pair of really beautiful 5th edition battle reports, good stuff! I hope you'll be posting that final 3000pt battle as well?
  10. MasterSpark

    Warhammer 5th Edition Campaign

    This weekend saw a couple more battles where I tried using a defensive list to really take a step back from my old habits of playing Vampire Counts in the 7th, 8th and 9th editions. Overall I found Undead shooting to be pretty effective and fun to use. My list...
  11. MasterSpark

    Warhammer 5th Edition Campaign

    Today we had our first games of the campaign. The O&G player started with a game against Empire that ended in a draw, but by luck of the dice he won a new territory at the end and ended up with a Mountain Pass that gives him 100 extra points to field. So when it was my turn to have a game I had...
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    750 beginners tournament list advice death

    I'm moving this thread over to Summoning the Deathrattlers. Thread moved!
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    The 9th Age v1.3 (including fluff and art) is now available

    Hello all. This was actually released on Saturday but now there's finally a fully fledged rulebook available for the latest version of t9a. It's complete with background information, artwork and all the rules, of course. You can find both the high-res and low-res versions here, along with some...
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    Desperately confused

    Moving this thread over to the AoS rules section. Thread moved to Ethereal Edicts
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    Warhammer 5th Edition Campaign

    Current Campaign Status This is where I'll keep an up-to-date record of how the campaign is progressing. This is what I am allowed to have in any given game. 620 points total 1 General 0-1 level 1 wizard 0-2 magic items with a max cost of 50 points 0-5 magic items with no maximum cost 0-3...