Meier Lenk

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i am returned to blessed unlife at the hand of that most unhallowed and twisted of things, the cruel and foul spectre unemployment. the darkling mists of time anticipate my travel to the land of japan assuming the crone-fates are kind to me (pray they are, or ill whine!!!) likes are reading, playing rts' and rpg's, and eve online. musically i am something of a dabbler, though my main preferences are metal (heavy, power and viking) goth rock (mainly s.o.m, fotn, the cure depending on what time, the cult on your opinion) futurepop (vnv nation, bruderschaft, nueroticfish and the like) and post punk/post punk revival (siouxsie, bauhaus, joy division and such).

i also currently do kendo, which is entirely awesome, but is also utterly exhausting at times, and very hard on the shoulder and throat-shouting "kiai's" for 90+ minutes is taxing!
June 18
  1. Dark Elves
  2. Empire
  3. Vampire Counts
  1. von Carstein


i am he that may yet eternal lie,
hoping this torp'rous death may yet die.


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