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    2250 VC List

    Hello everyone. Although I've been playing the VC for a few years now, this will be my first list with the new rules. That being said, what do you think about this list. - Vampire Lord 450 +2 Power Dice LV4 Wizard Avatar of Death (Shield) 4+ Save Helm of Commandment Skull...
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    Army of Imbibo Von Cruor

    When I started my undead a few years ago, there was a guy who had an army with a blue theme like yours. To this day I still think it was one of the best looking armies I've ever seen! Keep the blue I think it looks great!
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    What are you listening to

    Holy Diver album - Dio Rock helps me paint :mrgreen:
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    2250 game vs WE

    I love sneaking the cursed book out there every now and then, in some bigger games where i can waste some points, I'll put a Count on a dragon(cloud of flies -1) and a cursed book (-1) and send him off to cause trouble... sometimes it causes my opponent to get a little ticked when their to hits...
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    Problem with glue & Goblins

    My friend used to have the same problem, but that is where i came in :mrgreen: There is a product (that I use) called Insta-set, this thing will save you so much time and make gluing stuff so easy! Its basically an accelerator that makes the glue 'dry' extremely fast!!! I also use thick glue...
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    2250 game vs WE

    Well the other night I faced my first forest spirit army and was able to come out with a solid victory! Though I'm not very good at making reports I'll just give some of the highlights of the match. The game started off pretty much with him moving his troops almost half way across the board...
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    Help vs WE

    Thanks for the advise Arion! This was my first go against WE forest spirit army, it was a tough fight but in the end I was able to pull out a solid victory. If you didn't mention the Black Coach I prob wouldn't have thought of bringing it - its been collecting some dust since a wave of dwarfs...
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    The Dead Rats Walking

    I love those headless rats! Keep up the good work!:mrgreen:
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    Help vs WE

    I have a match(2,250 points) coming up at my local store and its going to be vs a WE player who loves the forest spirit style lists. I've only seen him in action once, and he totally blew the other guy out of the water and got a M on the victory chart. I'm thinking my only chance to win this...
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    Hi all

    Hello everyone! I've been checking this site out for awhile now and find myself coming here for news and rumors before I go anywhere else. All the posts I've read so far have been replied to in away that is not only helpful but are done so in a friendly and respectful way. Its nice to see so...