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    What are you listening to

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    Master Necro 2400 pts

    Sadly no, the local scene is mostly 40K and most of my spare time goes into Tyranids.
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    Master Necro 2400 pts

    I don't know. There's only so much you can change before you actually have a game and try out your ideas. I doubt I could fit in a Corpse Cart without weakening the list. I imagine my Zombie blocks as a second line behind Ghouls, GG's, Horrors and the 5 supporting units. Maybe one Zombie unit...
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    Master Necro 2400 pts

    I used the Earthing Rod a lot in my old tournament lists, but it's quite situational. A bit more of use in the new meta game with Hellheart and Mortis Engine perhaps, but then again mitigated by the ability to negate crumbling with other wizards. In test games I'd want to look at the Rod of...
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    Master Necro 2400 pts

    Good point. Master Necromancer lvl 4 Talisman of Preservation Dispel Scroll Wight King BSB, Great Weapon Rod of Flaming Death Charmed Shield Necromancer Cursed Book Tomb Banshee Tomb Banshee Cairn Wraith Cairn Wraith 20 Zombies with standard and musician 20 Zombies with...
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    WK - pointless?

    Imo the thread should be titled: Vampire - pointless?
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    Black Knights vs Grave Guard

    It's all about the build - regardless if you invest heavy into Grave Guards or Black Knights, you need to build your list and strategy around your choice. Gone are the days of sending away 10 knights with a vampire (or Varghulf beside) on their own. Of the two, I think the most common unit...
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    Competitive players

    lol, owned. Playing by the actual rules put things into perspective.
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    So how is the new book Performing?

    That's fine and all, but not much of an analysis. Give us a breakdown on your list, what worked and what didn't, please.
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    Vargheists/Crypt horrors how deep?

    Not that I'm particular impressed with Vargheists, but I'm siding with LordUnderlord on this issue. I think he has a better understanding of the game than most of the '6 are better' crowd.
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    The Cursed Book

    A mounted Vampire Lord shouldn't have much trouble avoiding the few things in a TK or Beastmen army that can threaten him. He's M7 with Vanhels backup and if it comes to CC he's WS7-9 with a 2+/4+ save and most models in btb with him don't get any bonus to strenght from weapons thanks to...
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    Invocation of Nehek on Blood Knights

    Are you trolling? The War Hydra is about as OP as anything in the game. And it only suffers 2.5 wounds on average from a Deathshriek, and that is when all factors are in favour of the Terrogheist player (stupid Hydra player moves it out of generals Ld, doesn't shoot or magic the Terrorgheist to...
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    The Cursed Book

    I'm not sure I follow you, or maybe you're not following me :) My point is that yes, one necromancer is mandatory, to carry a scroll for a combat kitted lord. A second necromancer is redundant in an optimized build and thus adds his cost to the Cursed Book. That is how I look at it...
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    Can the coach ride again?

    Balanced, probably. Maybe a bit overcosted, even. The ethereal threat new VC can bring is very real though, but comes more from excellent heroes and lone Spirit Host bases, and I do expect a slight change of the meta game towards cheap magic weapons becoming more popular.
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    Can the coach ride again?

    I fixed that for you. Most veterans are well aware what kind of threat the Coach is, or can become. No one should get his knickers in a twist because those ~200 points may perhaps become ethereal at the end of the game.