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  1. Noobafrass

    WHFB - 9th Edition

    My wishlist: Proper rules writing and support. No more RAW and RAI - just good rules. Why I've spent so much time over with Warmachine lately
  2. Noobafrass

    Now you can overrun...

    They reversed decision again?
  3. Noobafrass

    Ideas vs new lizards?

    Sounds like a real friendly player....
  4. Noobafrass

    Vampire Counts Allies

    If you're playing with friends, you can always ally however you like. We like to make up story/scenarios for the odder combinations (my skaven with a friend's empire, for example)
  5. Noobafrass

    Finding weak opponents

    Nevermind "weak opponents" - find an opponent who will teach you, regardless of skill. There are always people who want more challenge in their local area and who would be all too happy to help you improve so they, too, are challenged
  6. Noobafrass

    The cult of dark classical music

    Hey! I know this crap! I'm a Music History Major! But how about Gorecki's "Symphony of Sorrowful Songs"?
  7. Noobafrass

    Lore attribute and characters

    I was under the impression that the spell and the miscast were simultaneous so you could choose to take the miscast wound and then heal yourself with the lore attribute if you like (or the other way if the miscast wound would kill you)
  8. Noobafrass

    Movement trays / regimental bases

    I know you asked about making them, but I have to say, the GW ones are solid. Pre-measured and (imo) a fair price. For the work I used to do making my own trays, it's well worth the money I think. To answer your question though, I used to use balsa wood for the tray itself and then for edges...
  9. Noobafrass

    What does META stand for?

    With reference to these boards, it means the "norm" for how Warhammer is played in your area. For example, there aren't many armies with canons in my area, so this consideration can alter how you build your list.
  10. Noobafrass

    when the dice arent going your way

    Put your dice with your army. Let them get to know each other and establish a working relationship. Have a different set of dice fr each army.m your investment will pay off!
  11. Noobafrass

    Clarity on Charge movement

    So....you attempt to maximize models with your wheel, but if you don't have the movement to do so, you take what you can get?
  12. Noobafrass

    Nippon - a NEW Warhammer Fantasy Battle Army (unofficial)

    very impressive - is this all volunteer?
  13. Noobafrass

    Noobafrass's "Cannot Possibly Fail" Skaven Army Kills Itself While Ogres Watch

    THanks for the tips - I'd figured those out elsewhere. Never-the-less, the comic value of the event makes me not care. With my general blowing up in the first 3 seconds of the game, it was probably over anyway so I'm glad it ended comically.
  14. Noobafrass

    "Will It Blend?"

    A block of 20 temple guard with Slaan blends nicely. Didn't take a single wound