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    2400 Tourny List for last minute submission, c&c much appreciated

    So I just discovered there's a tourny on this weekend, however my ideal list cant be run since I dont have the models yet, and as such im taking a list thats based roughly off my old 7th ed list (models wise). I need to get the list submitted asap, so some fast c&c would be much appreciated...
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    Dual Lord Options + BK Questions

    So having recently started getting back into my VC (after a long absence) I've started doing some list building to try to work out what an effective army would be in 8th with the new army book. Given that the magic options are so lackluster for a vamp (and getting a lvl4 vamp is hellishly...
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    Rising Again (Yes or No)

    Going towards 40K sounds terrible to me (lol), i moved to fantasy because it was so different and much more tactical than 40K :P Hehe I have a large VC army thou, so I don't think I'll be buying the Isle of Blood just yet :P Sounds interesting though. How is it effecting VC? (as we were...
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    Rising Again (Yes or No)

    So fellow CNers, after (another) rather long absence from the hobby I am considering restarting my vampire army. I stopped to wait untill 8th edition came out and due to time constraints. With the ladder subsiding a bit, I am now looking back at warhammer. I haven't really been following the...
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    Various Questions + More

    Well, I'm stuck atm. Rust is fine, I've hit a good medium by combing the two (thanks :P) but now am very stuck with the Chaos Knights/Blood Knights. I thought I had found good heads, but, the bret bare heads are just too small, only one of the five I found looks even close to proportionate, but...
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    Top five armies

    I'd agree with the capt on this one, at least partially. The top three are indisputable; (Deamons, Dark Elves, Vampires) however the top position is debatable between Deamons and Dark Elves. The next two though are more of a issue. I'd consider putting lizards at No.4, as I don't think WoC are...
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    Top WH Rules that do not make sense

    Aye, but remember the idea of a volley of arrows is already represented, and so is the low chance that it actually wounds a T5/6 tree. What I then find silly is the idea that just because that arrow did some damage to the tree, it catches the thing alight :P
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    Troll forged minitures - I think i've seen these before

    Two very nice models, but (Like most other really cool vamps) they are both on bloody foot! Why can't they make some really nice mounted vampires, since 80% of the time I want mounted ones since even if they just sit in a infantry unit, mounted gives them that extra armour point... Aside I do...
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    Top WH Rules that do not make sense

    I find it a little odd that fire overrules regen all the time. Sure if you are a troll that re-knits flesh, fire stopping it makes sense. But, why would a magical spell be cancelled out by fire? Also the flammable rules on treemen/kin and bret flaming arrows. Sure, if you're a tree, and you get...
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    Help - banned

    My quick guess would be your home got an IP ban for whatever reason. Could be you (Done anything crazy here recently? Spammed multi accounts? :P) could be you fall within another IP address ban
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    Combat Vampire Hero Setup

    Tbh I have one build for a combat vamp that I use in 90% of my lists for sheer versatility. Vamp w/ Flayed Hauberk (2+ Save), Sword of Might (Or Battle), Talisman of the Lynci (Movement 9), Infinite Hatred & Walking Death (+1 CR). He sits in a regular unit of skeletons usually, and dishes out...
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    Cold wraiths?

    Hmm, I'm not sure I can remember the exact link, but if you browse through GW's site, specifically the LotR section you might be able to find an old(ish) army of the dead tutorial by someone, which gives pretty good results. Then again it may have been erased in their move from good to shitty...
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    Various Questions + More

    Thanks for the comments, after scrounging through my bitz box I found the perfect heads - the helmetless heads that come with the bret kit for Knights Errent, which have the appropriate size and facial features/expression, I'll post pic if you want, but I now also need suggestions on how to make...
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    Various Questions + More

    Well, after taking a rather long break I'm back. However, having decided to change the direction of my army completely, I suddenly find that most of my painted units are no longer needed, and I need quite a few more. Being a poor student, I've been looking at different ways to avoid paying lots...
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    CR Deathstar

    Hmm, an odd one. Can you have multiple vamps with Walking Death in the same unit? If so, there's a few more points of CR. Other than that though, I think you have the most possible. We don't have any more abilities or whatever to add more CR.