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Order of the Blood Dragon

The Marquis of Kislev, Father of the Howling Wolves has roamed Kislev un-named for barely a year now ever since he was bestowed the Blood Kiss by one of the Order of the Blood Dragon. In a chance encounter, the two fought like men possessed but after hours of battle the Marquis was finally bested.
This young vampire's ability to tame the Wolves of Kislev has garnered him packs of these vicious beasts that serve their new master in hunting and slaying the mightiest of foes.
Feb 10, 1992 (Age: 28)
Vampire Counts
Blood Dragon


Viktor the Duellist:

Speed - 5
Agility - 6
Weapon Skill - 4 (6 with Twin Blades)
Ballistic Skill - 1
Raw Strength - 3
Technique Strength - 4 (5 with Twin Blades)
Toughness - 4
Tactical Knowledge - 1 (3 with Humans)
Magical Lores - None (Doesn't use Magic)
Raw Magical Power - 1
Magical Skill - 1
Technology - Wargear Maintenance - 2 (10 with own Wargear)