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    Orlaster's army blog - From the ashes of the old world

    Greetings to you all. A little while ago, I pretty much stopped hobbying. It was shortly after Age of Sigmar hit the scene. I became disillusioned and I sort of drifted away from modeling, painting, gaming. The whole lot. I made a pretty ranting post about how awful everything was, which was...
  2. Orlaster

    Regiments of the Von Jugingen's

    Yup yup yup yup yup! I cannot second this enough. The Dark Souls series is brilliantly inspiring. I can't get enough of it, myself. I really like your models so far, so seeing what else you come up with will be great! I definitely feel like your all-dark-and-bloody style would lend itself very...
  3. Orlaster

    Borgnine's Log: Forge World BSB + BB Star Players conversions

    Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Ahhhh, I see how it all goes together now. Even cooler than I thought it was the first time I saw it! Can't wait to see the paint you you give it. Got to second @Adam_Barrow - the visual theme of your army is really, really strong. The slavic (??) kind of style with the...
  4. Orlaster

    Togg's Waaagh!

    Blimey, those squig are absolutely out of this world! Bowl me over and call me one impressed skittle. I absolutely love them! :D Did you apply any fixative to the chain on the jumping squig so that it doesn't move around?
  5. Orlaster

    How do I Sigmar?

    So, there's a lot I want to get off my chest about GW and the Age of Sigmar, the main thing being that it's ... just ... not enough. It doesn't represent the same value artistically, stylistically, in terms of an actual game as WHFB. Imagine how cool and fresh and amazing it could have been...
  6. Orlaster


    Wooo, nice. Reminds me a little of the forsaken from Skyrim. They have that kind of wild, bloody savagery intermingled with pagan, sacrificial type magic. I'm tempted to look up this frostgrave thing too. It sounds intriguing. :D
  7. Orlaster

    Orlaster's army blog - From the ashes of the old world

    @Angie Ooh a group photo doesn't sound like a bad idea actually. I might take some inspiration from your own plog and fashion a rudimentary light box. Hmmm. Thanks for the feedback, both yourself and @robtion . I always appreciate it immensely! :) Also I realy need to get back onto painting and...
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    Angie's Undead.

    @Angie I am honoured that you think so highly of my stuff. Like, I really am. :D Your plog is great! I love the way you've kept so many really classic minis and I really like the colour scheme you've got going on. Also, I'm really digging the look of your zombies. Normally I don't really like GW...
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    Orlaster's army blog - From the ashes of the old world

    So, as always, progress is very slow. I've finished the majority of the new wight king, and it's alright for the most part. Here's what I've got on him so far. I'm of the opinion that he looks a little washed out. A little pale. Perhaps he needs more purple, or something else, but anything you...
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    Borgnine's Log: Forge World BSB + BB Star Players conversions

    I am stoked about this new work in progress, Borgnine. It looks like it's going to turn out to be extremely cool. Reminds me of the devourer from the D&D monster manual.
  11. Orlaster

    Show us your Tar pits(Zombies) and Corpse Carts

    Blimey, @Borgnine @robtion those are so cool! I saw that bone cart model on ... I can't remember which website, but I thought eh... Now seeing the job you've done on it and I'm really liking it. Your painting style (whilst also being technically flawless :) ) has a great feel to it. Makes your...
  12. Orlaster

    Nikos army log

    I like the look of those witch hunters a lot, dude. Can't wait to see them finished up. Really, really nice army blog. Also that corpse cart master is just too cool to sit right at the back of the corpse cart, isn't he?!
  13. Orlaster

    Orlaster's army blog - From the ashes of the old world

    @Nikos To be completely honest, I haven't given it much thought. It is slightly annoying because the blight king models really don't fit on 20mm squares, but I'll be absolutely damned if I'm going to go circular! I don't really want to mount them on anything but 20mm, but it is problematic. I...
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    Orlaster's army blog - From the ashes of the old world

    So, it's been quite some time since I posted anything on here. Mainly because it's been quite some time since I *had* anything to post. But I thought I'd get my act together and finish off one of the characters I've had in the works for quite some time. It's another wight king blight king...
  15. Orlaster

    Show us your vampire lord(s)

    @EternallyUndying The more I see what people do with the AoS models, the more I'm tempted to try my hand at converting some for myself. You've made that model into something really, really cool. Good job! :D