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  1. RoguePanda

    ++A Wolf's Howl and a Bat's Shriek++ - Von Carstein Sylvanian Army

    An excellent piece of work creating Vlad von Carstein there, and the painting is nice and crisp and clear. I will be looking forward to seeing more as this develops!
  2. RoguePanda

    The Undead Legion of Countess Ludmila von Karnstein

    Excellent stuff there! The ghouls work nicely, I had never thought of the Hobbit game Goblins for Ghouls, but they work nicely. I am not as fond of the modern plastic ones, they seem just too small for me. The giant is suitably horrifying! Is that a conversion or has some mad lad/lass actually...
  3. RoguePanda

    The Undead Legion of Countess Ludmila von Karnstein

    Some very nice stuff in here, I am going to have a good browse and take it all in. It is nice to see a real army taking shape, something that looks solid and has a strong visual theme.
  4. RoguePanda

    The Laboratory [Necrarch Soulblight]

    Thank you for sharing these! I am hoping you will be back to update on these soon, I have to say the coven throne is my favourite so far. I really have been struggling with the Age of Sigmar setting (it feels very low stakes - the realms are vast and infinite, sure, but there is no character...
  5. RoguePanda

    My Vampire counts Terrains!!

    I really like that - it will look great on a table with some more ruins :)
  6. RoguePanda

    Show us your Terrorgheist/Zombie Dragon

    Very nice pose, and I have to feel sorry for the poor running peasant - he really shouldn't have given into curiosity about what was at the top of the spiral staircase :)
  7. RoguePanda

    Equipment 4 Female Dragon Rider

    Hi, I don't know if it is quite the scale you are looking for, but the runefang blade from the Empire plastic general set is pretty much what I would consider great weapon size - I can't imagine anyone being able to wield the thing single handed! It's a simple, straight up blade that you can...
  8. RoguePanda

    The Golden Legion of King Amhotep II

    That unit of old mummies is fantastic! I love those old models, I wish GW would re-release them or something. I really like the movement trays - I wonder if I could have a go at a similar effect with greenstuff to layer on as tombstones onto a normal movement tray? Might be worth a go :) I am...
  9. RoguePanda

    The Fimir of Albion - out of the mist

    That marlwyrm is genuinely unsettling Mr Saterday! Top stuff throughout the thread really, I am envious of your imagination with a lot of your conversions! What's the plan once the wyrm is finished?
  10. RoguePanda

    NIGHTLORD ARMY SHOWCASE! Vampires in Space!

    I am a bit late to the party, but I wanted to offer a hearty well done to you Brovatar! I am particularly liking the converted leader with the tyranid parts (or at least I think that's where the legs are from in the third to last picture) really inspirational stuff - makes me want to shelve my...
  11. RoguePanda

    Krinas daemons of chaos (huge update)

    Very nice! Glad to see the army shot in the end. I am rather taken with the spider lady Keeper. I can't work out if she is something you converted, or if there is a specific miniature for that one, either way she is striking!
  12. RoguePanda

    Thalable the Starving a Daemon Prince of Nurgle

    Looks great to me, no problem with him being thin - he is suitably nurgly as he is :)The little chtuloid octopus thing had me puzzled until I saw it was coming out of a book, clearly a summons! Do you have a suitably wasted and thin "starving" army to go with him at all? Or is he the start of...
  13. RoguePanda

    Sume's Sisters of Battle

    Those sisters are very nice Sume, it's always nice to see a Sisters army on the field. I can't imagine it was easy to put all the Seraphim on the bases like that, with the plastic rods - was that an easy conversion to do?
  14. RoguePanda

    Strigoi Vampire Models

    Just something I once wondered about - could you convert a tyranid genestealer Broodlord? I wondered once if that would work with the additional syctheblade amrs removed. Good luck getting your Strigoi together WoT
  15. RoguePanda

    Melle's PLOG -UPDATED! making chaos dwarfs

    RE: Getting back into it! Melle's Plog - UPDATE! Mortis Engine Done! That's top notch there Melle :) I don't recognise the ferryman miniature - where is that one from?

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