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    So, anyone into 40K?

    40K got me back into the GW plastic crack. I collect and play with: Orks/Speed Freaks (Orks is the best afterall) Necrons (So close to having a fully painted army) Thousand Sons Space Wolves I tend to play Orks most often as I love the army and the fluff. I am excited to get the Thousand Sons...
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    Drinking Songs

    Heh, thanks guys. I'll be sure to put of these to good use.
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    Warhammer Realism

    @ grishnakh Think the old school phalanx formation. Even a solid block of infantry has to contend with a forest of spears when they charge. While it may muck with game mechanics to represent this, I still think that charging a until of halberdiers/pikemen would have been a daunting proposition.
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    So Where In The World Are You?, Location

    Vermont USA here. Not used to living in a town of 800 people, especially when my undergrad was in a town with over 100 bars and this one only has two. Ghah!
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    My spearhead just came in the mail

    Wooooot, got mine today as well, it really made the law school reading hard to handle when all I really wanted to do was read the army book.
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    What are you listening to

    Alright so its Blind Guardian: Nightfall in Middle Earth Yeah its the second time I've been listening to the gods of German epic metal when on, but I assure you, I really do listen to a variety of stuff.
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    Drinking Songs

    So as is well known, we here in the US of eh(?) don't really have any sweet drinking songs. I know that you European cats have some awesome ones, so please, enlighten me. I need something to belt out the next time I'm at the local bar or carousing with friends. (Also, off the OFF TOPIC topic...
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    Best Country Evah! Woot!

    Ugh, I think the only thing that the US has going for it is the fattest people in the world, and that's only if you like going to Wal-Mart at 3 in the morning to see all the crazy ass white trash people hopped up on meth shopping for who the hell knows what. (Note: I stopped doing this myself...
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    What are you listening to

    Blind Guardian: A Twist in the Myth
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    Vampire Name Generator

    Well, here goes: The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity: Aelfric Cromwell Known in some parts of the world as: Master of The Balkans The Great Archives Record: An animal-like vampire who can barely speak - everything is actions with this one. It runs with the deer...
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    In with the new

    Hello all, Just getting back into the hobby after a long hiatus. Though I used to play High Elves and Dwarfs (and will probably continue to play the former) I decided that it was time to get into the wicked side of the Warhammer world. After seeing the new VC minis I knew that I had to...

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