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    Rumors about the "Vampire War" or whatever

    If only 40k gave Space Marines the proper respect and justice they deserve, like Mr. Dan Abnett does in his Gaunt's Ghosts books... I hate how they are just the common denominator in the space setting, when they should be the absolute rarest.
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    More Unique Than Ever, A Look at Warhammer Vampires

    Thanks all for reading! I just threw it on the forum in hopes to put a more positive spin on what the future may hold for us in our new book. Personally, this is the most excited and 'looking forward to' Fantasy Army Book in quite a while. Simply because: Anything may happen. From units...
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    More Unique Than Ever, A Look at Warhammer Vampires

    After reading through most of the postings concerning speculations on 7th edition changes (something always to be read with a grain of salt), I was very suprised to the reactions of many of the forum members by what GW is doing game wise, and fluff wise, to each of the Bloodlines. As for...
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    Overrun Tactica

    I was under the impression that MV is right, and the unit that overuns (even if hitting into a unit that is free from combat) will still fight a round of combat regardless.
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    Ancient Blood

    I always related the fluff of Strigany to that of wandering gypsy carivans. Very forebodding and mysterious, held in a drawn back regard by most towns. Deffinetly those who cling onto and still believe in the 'old ways'.
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    The Curse of the Necrarch

    Although Mr. Seville is not my favorite Black Library author, I must say that I am very appreciative that he has put out the Von Carstein trilogy, and is not doing a necrarch (my favorite fluff wise). To have the fluff in the the army books given some life and color is a rare thing, for his...
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    Zombie Giants

    Hello all, With larger undead constructs being the realm of Necrarchs and Master Necromancers, I have always been intrigued about using a larger model as both a centre piece for an Undead army, as well as to give the army some flavor and fluff. Now I know that zombie dragons are at the...
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    Alternate Models for Fell Bats (Harpies?) : )

    I also have a weak spot in my system for the undead fell bat models. Some conversions and variants I have found are: wood elf great eagles and war hawks, tomb king Carrion birds (look like massive vultures), winged zombie monstrosities, squig riding zombies, and a few others (think the flying...
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    A Note on High Elves ASF And Hellish Vigour

    You are almost correct. Go to your local GW store and take a quick look at the new High Elf Book (usually the stores have a copy on display, as it is not released untill the 10th). Under the SoA rule, the High Elves strike first ability allows them to attack before any ability or item that...