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  1. Smacula

    Check out the Funded Vampire Kickstarter!

    Not sure how many of you would love a vampire hunting board game, but with almost 100 great looking models for $135, seems like it could be a sweet deal. they were looking for $40,000 and are at 450K. I am in no way involved with this outside of having pledged. But seriously, check this out...
  2. Smacula

    RIP WHFB 2015

    Well considering GW's stock lost more than 25% last year and Kirby's sort of insane preface to their annual report, they must be trying to shake things up from a ledger standpoint. We all know what they could do to engage their customers and build the community like they did, but the reality is...
  3. Smacula

    RIP WHFB 2015

    Like the end times rumors, the truth has to be somewhere in between. A lot of the forums erupted when the initial combined books rumors happened, and look at how well the books and the rules, mostly, have been received. I am curious about the round bases, perhaps a new thing for unique units...
  4. Smacula

    Witch Elves...

    The only thing I would add is that Lore of Undeath can be used to set up multiple baits and overruns, though it is perhaps a less than ideal choice. I've found it to be helpful against the end times elf list, since it is very effective at clearing chaff with shooting.
  5. Smacula

    End times magic shenanigans

    After playing a few games, I agree that you need to load up on low cost hexes and augments. and just recast. I think a magic heavy vampire lord/MN, the casket and titan are good, anything that allows to add dice or value to a cast is also extremely helpful. My issues are recasting and knowing...
  6. Smacula

    Malekith the Eternity King

    Malekith is immune to attacks that have the multiple wounds rule (and HKB, I think), they never do more than one. Thankfully the scream and casket just cause a lot of wounds. You will have to grind him out, but he is killable. Honestly, I think he is less insane than Karl Franz Ascended, though...
  7. Smacula

    Najo's Battlescribe Catalogs

    This is awesome. Is there some way to make it recognize that lords and heroes can be 50%? Thanks for all your work on this.
  8. Smacula

    Daemons incoming! rule rumours update! white dwarf update

    Khorne Kannon Stats Here are the supposed stats for the skull cannon. Chariot (cost 27 skeletons supposedly) Stat M/WS/BS/S/T/W/I/A/LD Cannon 7/5/-/5/5/4/2/3/- Crew -/5/5/4/-/-/4/1/7 Cannon 48" S 10, flaming, D6 wounds Special Rule: Implacable Advance (can move and fire).
  9. Smacula

    Chaos Killing Tactics?

    Not entirely true, you could mount a GK, though I don't think that is an ideal set up when facing WoC. Though giving him Skabscrath, would give them something else to think about.
  10. Smacula

    ETC FAQ inquiries for VC

    So...anyone want to play risk?
  11. Smacula

    Lineup for new army books

    Tell me about it, I've played Tau since the day they came out in 3rd Edition. The only real problem with the Lizard book is the lack of core choices, despite what people say about their magic items/abilities (read: Slann) being OP. I just hope that they continue to make 8th ed books that...
  12. Smacula

    The Cursed Book - Is it all that?

    I used it for the first time this weekend against dark elves in two 2000 point games. I put it on a hero vamp that was with some ghouls leading a flank advance. The first game it did nothing, I rolled the reroll 6s spell, (the name escapes me at the moment). It just was not effective enough and...
  13. Smacula

    Lineup for new army books

    Like I said, I realize that they were the last 7th ed book, and while they are not as bad off as dwarves, wood elves, and bretts, their book seems lacking when you compare it to the other late 7th ed books like skaven and lizardmen. I'm just biased as I love the look and theme of the army, I...
  14. Smacula

    What do you think of Varghiests?

    Personally, I am a big fan of them. I typically run 2 units of three. My primary opponent is Dark Elves, so they are great for getting at those pesky backfield units such as bunkered casters, bolt throwers, crossbows, and the cauldron. I was worried about them dying to shooting at first, but the...

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