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Recent content by Soren

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    Grave markers

    I made some: They are certainly nowhere near the quality of the ones posted above, but they will look good enough when finished.
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    Grave Guard With Hand Weapons & Shields

    There was a thread recently about GG with HW&Sh, you might search for it. For me the bottom line is that Strength is KING! If you are making an all comers list then GW GG are your best bet. If you only fight T3 opponents with low strength, then HW&Sh is the way to go.
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    Hexwraiths, a love hate relationship

    I have two units of the, in my current list. I know, they are very situational. Just wondering, how many times have they fallen flat on their faces due to Spells, Magical Attacks, etc? And what armies make up your regular opponents?
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    Combat reform to face charge

    This means: "... the Unit may not reform in such a way as to contact a different facing on any enemy unit it is in contact with." Unit O cannot reform from this: ___VVVVV ___VVVVV ___VVVVV ___VVVVV ___VVVVV OOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOO to this: __OOO __OOO __OOOVVVVV __OOOVVVVV...
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    Combat reform to face charge

    Zhatan, You were correct.
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    Glossary of Terms: Beginners Guide

    I suggest a change in the CN boards definition of LOS. I think it is easier to understand if we use this format: LoS = Line of Sight LOS = Look Out Sir
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    Question about terms used by some people.

    Those are all great things to do.
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    Question about terms used by some people.

    Johnny is the good kind of rules lawyer.
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    Mounted Vampire... Choosing the sword and targets when riding with the Knights..

    As others have said, take the Ogre Blade. One of my favorite sayings for 8th Ed. is that "Strength Is King". :vampire3: Now go forth and lay waste to all before you....
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    Question about terms used by some people.

    Cheese is many things to many different people. It can be any of the following: Not fluffy - A fluffy list follows someones preconceived notions of what armies should be made up of. These are typically softer lists. Softer = less than a fully tuned list. Tuned = a list that has been Min/Maxed...
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    I prefer my CC Lord in BK with his CC Vamp buds!!! :vampire2::vampire3::konrad:
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    Ghormenghast, With a name like Ghormenghast I shouldn't be surprised, but 50 Ghouls with Ghast is 510pts. If you throw in a Zombie bunker of 20 that is 60pts and 2 DW units at 40pts each, you are at minimum core for 2500pts. For my tastes 50 is too many due to the cost which reduces the number...
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    Ghouls are our best choice if you are actually trying to kill something. It problem of course is their cost. I take a unit of 30-ish in my lists. The rest of core is filled out with DW and Z's.
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    +1, with the exceptions being Banner of Eternal Flame or Screaming Banner on Skellies.
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    Blood Knights vs. Chaos Knights: A Final Showdown.

    Odd. I can't imagine that getting past the first FAQ. If it does, then Bloodies will run rampant, if they aren't already.