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  1. SotF

    Good undead pirates?

    Warploque has a few interesting ones
  2. SotF

    Alternative model for Fell Bats?

    I've done two different ones. The first was a cheap set of toy bats that I'd repainted and modified slightly. The other was a difficult variation of the ghoul bats taking the mantic ghouls/zombie parts and using the reaper Dragon Man conversion kit wings and tails...
  3. SotF

    What do YOU use for skeleton filler (Plus a minor call for help)

    There are a LOT of different fantasy skeletons that are available which work as fillers...burial mounds also work well with added bits.
  4. SotF

    Good Ape/Monkey/Gorilla/Ect. Miniatures?

    Ah, wasn't quite sure which you were going for...I know a few people who have a force based on the older stuff there. I think there may be some in the old AT-43 and possibly in the Dust lines
  5. SotF

    Good Ape/Monkey/Gorilla/Ect. Miniatures?

    Ainsty might be a decent place to start, though their apes are more of the ape men from the older Planet of the Apes movies
  6. SotF

    Spell book

    Take some thin plastic or thicker card (Cereal Box cardboard works well, wood tends to be difficult at that thickness), cut it to the size of the cover, then take small pieces of toothpick, you want two sections and put them on either side of the center (Make sure they're the same length as your...
  7. SotF

    Removing paint on your models

    One of the best tools to have is an ultrasonic scrubber, you can fill it with simple green or whatever you wish to use as well. I don't own one myself, but a friend has one that he also uses to clean the parts of his airbrush and make a few bucks cleaning jewelery he finds for cheap and...
  8. SotF

    painting rusted copper (patina/verdigris)

    It actually works rather well for copper and brass as well, just paint the metallics heavier. It's what I used here however, if you're trying to make wood look like metal, make sure to heavily seal it first because the mix doesn't quite end up looking right
  9. SotF

    Tutorial: Ghostly Green

    Looks like this might be improvable by adding a wash of the glow in the dark green/yellow paint that is in a lot of craft stores.
  10. SotF

    Beware The Frozen Dark

    Got another piece done Zen Garden
  11. SotF

    Small dead trees

    Get some wire, twist up the core, then coat it with hot glue to add a more tree like shape and expand the roots to look right...if you do that on a piece of parchment, the glue won't stick, then use the normal 50/50 glue water mixture normally used for flock and use it on the tree, wrapping it...
  12. SotF

    Santa's Workshop : NSFW Kharn

    Just as an FYI, the red dragon you painted, that's from the WotC Dungeons and Dragons: Wrath of Ashardalon board game, the middle game of their Adventure System trio.
  13. SotF

    Industrial VC. Help required!

    One thing that could work is to essentially raid the Necrons for parts. Clockwork automatons being churned out by some rogue engineer. Ditch the direct skeletals for necrons, modify them for a more pseudo-medieval look with blades and such. Mix and match pieces with the zombies and more of them...
  14. SotF

    Seperating miniatures from bases

    It's not an always solution, but there are times that it does work. Especially if there was some moisture trapped in the joint when they put it together. It you weren't worried about the paint job, an ultra sonic cleaner tends to work rather well for the entire thing and sometimes works on...

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