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Recent content by Tal Rasha

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    Invocation of Nehek on Blood Knights

    Ok, they worded that poorly, but you I assure you, only one Blood Knight can be raised per casting.
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    Our infantry are *and were always* good in combat, and perhaps we can make them broken? (again)

    I'd have to agree with the OP on certain points. VC took a big hit in 8th due to the way charges don't allow first strike. With our low Initiative scores and little to no armor, low to average toughness, and with supporting attacks, our units are much worse than before. In 7th a 20 man unit...
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    New 8th rule rumours....We're nerfed!!!

    RE: New 8th rule rumurs....We're nerfed!!! That's one rumor, yes. But the more prominant rumor is simply 25% characters, which is more believable, IMO. 25% Lords AND 25% Heroes is even worse than it is now! I guess only time will tell. We are only speaking about rumors at this point...
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    New 8th rule rumours....We're nerfed!!!

    RE: New 8th rule rumurs....We're nerfed!!! I have no idea what you are smoking, but it must be good, so pass it over! :lol: In a 2000 point game, that leaves you with 500 points to spend on characters (25%). A fully decked out lord cost around 440. You could go cheaper, but at that...
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    Finetuning the undead engine of my VC warmachine

    Skellies are a better investment than ghouls on average for the simple reason that they can withstand more damage (a 4+ save is nice) and can carry a banner and musician. My block I run with has a +8 CR, which no ghoul unit could touch. But honestly, they perform different functions. Ghouls...
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    Black Knight vs Blood Knight

    First let me say that I don't believe you should be comparing these two units. They are not made for the same purpose. Having said that, Blood Knights are better than Black Knights almost every time, which is why they are so expensive. Here's why: * - WS. At WS 3, BLK Knights are...
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    Do Vampire Counts require less strategy than other armies?

    No, the VC army does not require less strategy per se, but it is very forgiving of the mistakes you make.
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    Miss the Bloodlines in-game?

    I miss the bloodlines. It's just not the same. You cannot build certain characters anymore. But in the tournaments, you saw a lot of Blood Dragons and a few Von Carsteins but rarely any Lahmians. They just weren't as effective, especially with all the immune to psychology troops out there...
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    He was 4th ed. and he was an absolute beast. Necormancy back then was like it is now - spamable casting. So you could raise/heal skeletons by the dice loads. If you could imagine the system being more out of whack than it is now, it was! He was awesome in combat, too. The other thing about...
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    Do you win all the time?

    I have never lost and have only tied like twice. Every game other than that has been a massacre on my part (out of 50 something games or more). The new magic phase is very crazy powerful.
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    How do you equip you Necromancers

    I always give him IoN and the Book of Arkhan.
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    Do you feel put off at all?

    Yes, but that initial view died within the first few months of release when they realized their weaknesses. The High Elves were seen as uber good upon release, also. Believe it or not, the Tomb Kings were seen that way, also. But most of that died off. Now WE are middle tier, HE are upper...
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    Vampires - the easiest army to win with in the game?

    I love the VC. but I would have to say that your friend has a point. We may or may not be the easiest army to win with, but we are a relatively easy army to play. Why? 1) No psychology, no break tests. A huge deal, our troops are very reliable in combat. 2) Less tactically challenging...
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    varghulf or wraiths

    Wraiths are just as expensive as the BC, so if you are going cheap, your only option is the Varghulf.
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    Tomb Kings

    TK players still generate 2 PD in the magic phase and your coach may attempt to absorb those, but the TK player only uses those to dispel RIP spells, so it's hardly a hinderance to him. The best defence against the TK player is go heavy magic with at least 2 dispel scrolls. Rush across the...