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    Random moves

    Random movement is in a straight line, what i meant and might not have come across well is; if you are in the front arc of a unit and position your HPA so that it's random movement would take it into the flank of a unit, per the rules it would stop 1" away from the flank of the unit since...
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    Random moves

    If you are in the forward arc, and you have an intervening unit in the way it would be a failed charge. "If the move is found to take the unit into contact with an enemy, then it counts as charging, and this is resolved using the normal rules for charges and using the distance rolled as its...
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    Coven throne and forests

    I would disagree with you on that, during movement you treat the ground as open so you would ignore the venom thicket altogether, thus negating its dangerous terrain requirement. However magical terrain is only ignored for the purpose of movement, so what it does during other phases will...
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    Forbidden Lore

    You obviously arnt well aware of them "To randomly generate the Wizard's spells roll a D6 for each of his Wizard levels and consult the chosen lore to see what spells have been generate" You have to choose a Lore in order to generate spells from that lore. there is nothing in forbidden lore...
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    Cauldron of Blood

    Actually the requirement on the model is that, it is in a unit within 6" of the Cauldron, so the whole unit benefits
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    Forbidden Lore

    You might want to go re-read spell generation in the BRB before you say stuff that is so incorrect. you can only choose 1 lore to generate spells from, Forbidden Lore increase the number or lores you can select from, but in no way allows you to generate spells from multiple lores at the same time
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    Forbidden Lore

    Except forbidden lore just lets the lord select other lores in addition to the lore of Vampires, so he would still have to pick lore of vampires
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    invocationn and raising black knights

    They might be saying that because Regrowth from the lore of life stipulates that Cav is 2 wounds, but Invocation has no such stipulations
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    Templates and multi-wound models.

    Wounds are applied to the unit, the only time it would be applied to a specific model is if that model was the champion or a character. so in your example you would have just removed one model
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    Doom diver

    No, because the extra D6 is not the scatter, only the scatter die can cause a unit in CC to be hit
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    Red fury in a challange

    Yes they happen at the same I, however the model is already slain, by the nature of Red Fury the model has to be wounded in order to generate the additional attacks. if the model only has 1 wound then it is removed once one wound has been done to it. so yes you generate additional attacks but...
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    Red fury in a challange

    Yes Red fury will kick in, but to cause a wound the model is removed so even though you might have an extra 3 attacks there is no model for you to attack, so those attacks are wasted here is the rule from the BRB "If the opponent is slain before all of a model's attacks are made then any excess...
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    Large Target and penalty when shot at

    shooting through units/terrain will benefit you with cover, assuming that the unit/terrain blocks more than half your model from the bolt thrower's Line of Sight. Just remember wings do not count towards the model's size for determining cover
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    Death necro and LD query.

    its right here "Your unmodified Leadership is the highest Leadership characteristic in the unit" no where does it say your highest printed Leadership characteristic in the unit, simply the highest characteristic. Im not arguing that the banner doesn't modify the leadership, it does, however...
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    Death necro and LD query.

    The FAQ about unmodified only states that "Your unmodified Leadership is the highest Leadership characteristic in the unit." can you please point out what part that says you cant use modifiers from inside the unit