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  1. TobinRoss89

    The Hunter

    I enjoy the vampire on hellsteed idea. Its really our only real way to deal with war machines and no fell bats cant do it since they cant march. Keep in mind though never throw him at anything thats not a war machine, 5man fast cav unit, or a chariot. Anything else is way to risky to lose a guy...
  2. TobinRoss89

    ghoulies and size

    I field my ghouls 6x4 the unit is small enough to fit in our march bubble and still gets 19 attacks. 6 wide also gets the same number of attacks against them as 5 wide would against 25mil enemies I think. Also if the need arises you can always go horde formation if you need the attacks.
  3. TobinRoss89

    Lone Wolf Texas gt

    So nobody is going? Guess I will have to do this one myself lol
  4. TobinRoss89

    My philosophy: point to list comparison 8th edition

    lol competitive? We may be number one or two to be honest. Also using all of your points on characters is a big waste in this edition. Vampires are expensive and almost every role a character fills; something else does it cheaper and better i our book. For instance you want a combaty character...
  5. TobinRoss89

    Who carries your BSB?

    In my Grand tournament list my bsb is always a vampire since he is a bunker mage and will never see combat. His set up currently is Vampire Master of the Black Arts Staff of damnation Bsb
  6. TobinRoss89

    The latest foul treachery from the High Elf Camp.

    Also in the brb under the ethereal rule it says they have magic attacks and no this is not being rules lawyer it is just how it works. Magic attacks are not the same as magic weapons, its pretty clear to be honest. Also anyone who thinks the brb flaming banner is magical is also very dumb...
  7. TobinRoss89

    2.5k VC Tournament List

    lol vampires are the best.
  8. TobinRoss89

    2500 Tournament List

    Caster lords are the way to go in this edition. I would try a lv4 with vampires.
  9. TobinRoss89

    2400 ETC list help

    With no way to add dice in the magic phase (and no the periapt does not count since it just shifts) and having the coach in your list does not sit well with me. Just a thought though
  10. TobinRoss89

    Wraiths vs Spirit Host

    I am all about the wraiths but lets not discredit the spirit hosts. I dont think their optimal but in a fun list 4 bases can tie something up for a long time for you.
  11. TobinRoss89

    plague of dwarfs and how to fix it

    Yeah that one thrall has saved my butt so many times vs dwarfs and empire.
  12. TobinRoss89

    2500 vc

    You dont have enough core to be a legal list. Only the ghouls are counting towards the minimum.
  13. TobinRoss89

    Wind of Undeath + Trickers Shard

    No this will still work if the characters are outside units though. Its a cool idea that deserves some more looking into.
  14. TobinRoss89

    Invocation of Nehek

    You can not bring back something that is completely dead. If your vampire only had one wound left then you could of healed him but since he was gone you can not. Same goes for units, if it is completely gone then you can not bring back models. But as long as their is still one guy left you can...
  15. TobinRoss89

    2400 ETC list help

    Your list looks fine, the only thing that really stands out to me is put the two units of fell bats together. Also I would drop drakenhoff buts thats just me, since I seem to be alone on that issue on this site.