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    "Fixing Vampire Counts" - Necromancy spells

    How about just taking out the whole close combat part of it and make it a normal move.? I know the last suggestion might make it more powerful in a sense, but if you think about it, you can get still get march blocked and you have to suffer all movement impairing effects.
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    2250 Win against lizardmen...

    Nicely played for your second game! One thing I've started doing (my opponents hate it :P) is setting up zombies at very strange angles for the enemy to charge. You can use it to redirect people or nail 'em in the flank. I personally don't like the options we have for Forbidden Lore (except...
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    Michael Jackson Has Died

    I wasn't trying to be rude or anything, just trying to bring some positive energy to a rather gloomy situation. I loved what he did for pop and his crazy-awesome style of dancing, He was just a rather eccentric man and somethings weren't so great. I''m gonna quote a friend here and while you...
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    Michael Jackson Has Died

    Yea, I'm quite shocked actually. I liked his music and dancing (can't say the same with his personality though). He will be missed. RIP On a side note, a simple Invocation of Nehek will bring that zombie back!
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    Black Shards - Discussion

    But the problem is that it does so much for so little of a points cost. It doesn't seem like a necessary target to take out being only 250 points AND you'd have to focus fire on it. A single rank and file unit probably won't be able to kill those five troops... ever.. and if you do focus fire...
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    Black Shards - Discussion

    Woah, Woah, Woah. People, think for a second... This thing is WAY over the top! It's hard enough to get past a 2+ armour save and a 4+ ward save of the guards and then toughness 7 to kill it. For the points, you're basically making 5 ironbreakers, our 4+ ward banner but better, DE ASF banner...
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    DV8's Vampire Counts Log

    I love you're artwork, as well as the models, but I have to ask, why did you name it Geheimnis Nacht? Is there something that illustrates this that just hasn't been added yet?
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    Have You Heard of THE GAME?

    UGH!!! Really?! Not here too!!! Well, I hate you all... I just lost the game. I had t going since school ended. You all ruined my streak... Well have fun newbies. The game is great if you get a lot of people playing.
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    I've got the answers you need. 1) Yes EVERY attack rolls auto-hits. So even the extra ones. 2) Since a magic weapon MUST be used if carried, yes you use it every round of combat (only whilst mounted though. If the vampire is taken off the mount, he/she cannot use the lance anymore because it...
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    Super Nerd Alert!!

    Well I warned you, so don't give me too hard of a time. My friends and I started up playing Dungeons and Dragons :Vampire1:. I know... It's actually been a blast though. We don't play all seriously and be freaky basement D&D nerds (no offense to anyone that does this). We're playing v3.5 because...
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    Coach List 2250

    I decided to try out a duel coach list. I've used it twice now and there's only one thing I'd change in it thus far. I've played against a hit and run Wood Elves list and Pegasus Knight Brets list. (Massacre against brets and a draw against Wood Elves [we ended early but I had the upperhand at...
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    Artwork - Nagash the Unbroken

    I'm actually gonna have to agree with Ghoulking. I don't like that pic very much. Nagash looks overly flamboyant. He looks like a clown-samurai-devil mixed and green and purple colors don't do him well either. I however love the zombies and skeletons in the front, and the bats are decent, but...
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    Nightshroud, WoUD, and Skull Staff

    Okay, 1) I believe you're right, but I could very well be wrong. We'll need a more experienced rule-lawyer for this one. 2) They would get no Magic Resistance at all as you aren't 'targeting' any unit. 3) It give +1 to the entire roll for each spell cast by THAT wizard. In the opponents magic...
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    Tomb Kings vs. Khorne Daemons 2250

    Oh, wow... Well I must have missed that. Well thanks for telling me, I'll tell my friends and play it right next time.
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    Tomb Kings vs. Khorne Daemons 2250

    Oh, I had no idea that you're supposed to do that. So do you remove wounds from a single model and then move on to the next? We've always played as if they're distributed among the models until they are at one wound and then remove models.