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  1. Vlad Von Carstien

    Official Rumour Thread: New Vampire Counts Book

    Haha I am finding it a little funny how people are talking about how many skaven slavers you would have to face for the point cost of a unit lol heres the thing if you go up against a unit of how ever many points blood knights are you are going to butcher a ton of them and even if they manage to...
  2. Vlad Von Carstien

    Vampiric Powers...

    nope with special characters their abilities and equipment is set in stone you cannot change what they have what so ever. how ever Manfred is a very strong character and I use him allot in my lists because of his sheer magical power. but most people just make their own lords that are just as if...
  3. Vlad Von Carstien


    Ive noticed some slight differences that got me pretty exited to see I saw allot more detail in some of my figures I bought the Astorath the Grim model and my jaw dropped when I opened the box. but yeah from what I've heard on the older models it doesn't make a terrible much of a difference...
  4. Vlad Von Carstien

    Santa's Workshop : NSFW Kharn

    RE: Desert Camo here is an IG commision army I did in desert camo it's quite easy to pull off. just start with a grey dry brush a lighter grey then get three off the desert camo colors you want and make Y's all over the model and do this overlapping with all three colors just barely...
  5. Vlad Von Carstien

    The Sanguinor - BotB Plog

    lookin good :thumbsup:
  6. Vlad Von Carstien

    2500pts tournament list

    So The Grave guard are a bunker for Manfred and the BSB so that the Grave guard can get two rounds of attacking and Manfred as well. generating extra power dice and killing lots of guys before those lame ASF elves or high initiative bad guys get a chance to wail on that unit. The Varghulf...
  7. Vlad Von Carstien

    The Sanguinor - BotB Plog

    yeah man I am going for the same scheme as the 'evy metal team, and there was a tutorial in a white dwarf a while back that I am using it is quite useful, with a little twist on it of my own.
  8. Vlad Von Carstien

    The Sanguinor - BotB Plog

    cool man your jet pack looks real cool I am actually paining up a NMM Sanguinor myself right now.
  9. Vlad Von Carstien

    Wight King BSB on Foot - Which path?

    this is the one I did all made from bits from the grave guard box and a few from the corpse cart. and some extra things from green stuff like the cape and such.
  10. Vlad Von Carstien

    The Walking dead TV show on AMC

    Hey all you creatures of the undead, I have been watching the new series on AMC called the walking dead you can watch the first episode on their website for free heres the link
  11. Vlad Von Carstien

    steimy's horde

    wow I really like your idea for the black coach very nicely done. :thumbsup: and I agree with Vekarin DRY ICE that sounds sooo cool xD
  12. Vlad Von Carstien

    What's your 40K army?

    Blood Angels 5000pts 50% painted Imperial guard 1000pts(growing its a team army with friend going to be 3000pts of competition standard stuff) 100% painted
  13. Vlad Von Carstien


    BANNED for being a choas! xD
  14. Vlad Von Carstien

    Vannahs Creations

    RE: Vannahs Creations Ebay New inventory Every day Ok I don't want to sound negative or anything and please just take this as constructive criticism, but I would seriously consider dropping the price of some of the basic models like $10 for a single plastic goblin spearman painted to table top...

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