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Recent content by Vladimir Deathblade

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    Carnivale of the Dead

    Great job. It's a theme I was thinking of heading towards, but I think you've done it rather more successfully than I was thinking of. That necromancer is great. The fat lady is a great model too.
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    Mousillon Varghulf

    I can't remember where I saw it, but I've seen a spiffing conversion of the Dark Eldar Clawed Fiend, chopping off it's head, and replacing it with a wolf head. The same thing would also work for the Mordheim Rat ogre. Well, those are my plan. Also, they are half the price of the gold cast...
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    Worst Model Ever

    Well, it it supposed to turn men insane just by looking at it... I have to say Nagash too. And it's so annoying it was nearly a decent model. Silly, silly GW bean counters. Well, we assume it was a nice head. It could have been horrific after all!
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    Zombies - The new Core of choice?

    Lichemaster, that does not make you old. I'm the same, and I'm still freshly blooded. I miss my zombies. Ever so much. The first box I bought was zombies, back just before 6th came out. Still not finished painting them :p
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    You know you're obsessed with warhammer when...

    when you realize just how many people have replied with "you post on threads like this" when you start looking at easter-egg packets as potential terrain... Ahem.
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    VC vs TK: why did you go for the Vampires?

    I started vampires cos I was given a zombie to paint. (This was just at the end of 5th edition) I bought a box of them, and it all started from then, and I haven't looked back since! Oh, and because vampires kick ass! Mummies are just so much bandage. I've go one or two other armies, but...
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    Vampire Counts Rumours

    I'm not entirely sure why everyone is complaining so much about the bad points. Of course there has to be some, otherwise the army would be too powerful. Yes, I know it seems like they have made the army harder to play, but I take that as a good thing. With the old army it was getting to the...