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Recent content by Von Koss

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    The Beasts Log

    Very nice! Although I'm curious as to what you have planned for the bases.
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    April 2008 Painting Log

    Hello again and welcome to April's spread of Warhammer "goodness". I'll save you the drama of where I've been and get on with the log...first up The paint job on these guys is nothing special, just an over-brush of metallic(love saying that word)blue with gray then white. I chose the Dark...
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    March 2008 Painting Log

    Greetings everyone, sorry to have been missing in action over last month's painting log. I was detained by work (been very busy- 12 hour days) and suffered a cold (I think I was just sick of work;) ). Anyway, I will make up for my slack-arsed ways and finish up last month's works and start a...
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    Bad news for VC?

    :| Those Daemon models....Hubba Hubba....(Runs around squealing with delight...stops and speaks in a calm voice "Possible plastic Bloodcrushers?"...returns to running around squealing happily).
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    Tale of X gamers - Preliminary Discussion & Sign-up thread

    -Voltaire- Put me down for 3000 pt Vampire Counts force pledge for Halloween Night.
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    February 2008 Painting Log

    Very nice Bug, I'm digging the models but you gotta fill me in on how you did your bases to look like "fresh" grave ground(if that makes sense). I've been looking at a lot of basing ideas for a little while and thats what I would like mine to look like.:mrgreen: Again, great job.
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    Tale of X gamers - Preliminary Discussion & Sign-up thread

    I would like to join in as well, and will be ready when the thread leader(s) decide to crank it up. VC will be my army and I'm for the point cost per month choice. But in the end I'll go with whatever the majority decides.
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    February 2008 Painting Log

    Yeah, most people are going to flip when I say this...I got Him for approx $9 from an Indy store owner a few years back because "You can't use him in 6th edition, so sure take him." I don't think its possible for me to move any faster than I did that day grabbing Him up. At the time I just...
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    February 2008 Painting Log

    Hey guys, just thought I'd give you a peek at the models I'm going to try to finish this month. I was digging around for Karl Franz(for an up coming game) and chanced upon the Big Man himself, Vlad, Isabella, and a Banshee. Well, thats my aim this month. By the way if you have any...
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    Painting Log: January 2008

    Well, it appears that the month of January is winding to a close, but that just means that we are another month closer to the new Vampire Counts army release. I can't count the number of times I said to myself while painting the Empire guys "Man, I wish I were painting the undead ... skeletons...
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    Painting Log: January 2008

    Ok, time for an update. The handgunners and crossbowmen are coming along rather smoothly. I have not started the huntsmen as of yet, though I'm looking forward to a change from all the blue and red. Last week I showed you guys that I paint in an assembly-line fashion and I forgot one...
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    Painting Log: January 2008

    Beginning group shot of the Empire units I'm going to complete this month(no excuses, only victory):rolleyes: You will see the sticks that I use to paint in an assembly-line fashion, I can't tell you how quickly you will complete units if you just cut down the amount of "pick up each...
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    Painting Log: January 2008

    I know I'm new and may not have the right to start something that may have been dying out, but better to ask forgiveness than permission. Right, so lets get this month/ year off to a productive start ...remember our new reinforcements will be arriving shortly and should they arrive to your post...
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    What are you listening to

    Eric Bibb- Needed Time Smoothe, up beat, and a good painting song ;) kinda almost makes you want to go for a walk down the road. and then a little Everclear-Santa Monica...ah yes...thats it:cool:
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    Hello Everyone

    Just wanted to finally introduce myself. I have been a member for only approximately 2 months but I've been checking out your site for quite a bit longer. I will say it was the monthly painting logs that made me want to join (what a great idea by the way). Sadly, it seems that they have...