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  1. Vorizah Vukotic

    Why did you start playing Vampire Counts?

    I started VC cos once i saw the skeleton models I was hooked, origonally tried HE back in 4th but moved to undead as soon as i saw the models, One of my first purchases was the old citadel undead mammoth, god i loved that model, and the skeleton chariots were a big thing for me as well. When...
  2. Vorizah Vukotic


    I'm just not excited about this new monster for me it's just like bringing VC into line with all other armies. Have an amazing Monster for 200+ pts yaay so individual blah blah. But anyway giving it a scream attack like a banshee.... surely just madness this thing is supposed to be a zombie type...
  3. Vorizah Vukotic

    WD Wraiths reaction

    Yes I agree having an individual banshee is a great thing and I'm thrilled were seeing a return of wraith hero's however are they allowed magic items? etc.... although where the points are gunna come from to fit one in a standard 2K list iknow not. not so thrilled about the new big monster tho...
  4. Vorizah Vukotic

    Nightshroud and Stepping Up

    personally I always keep my hero on the corner, not because of tactics or anything but because i have alot of old metal vamps and they typically don't fit well in the centre of a unit due to their poses/capes/weapons etc.. and it is a fairly common problem and the vast majority of opponents i...
  5. Vorizah Vukotic

    I need to justify buying finecast Blood knights, so heres my 2k list

    nice list but lose the channeling staff, on average in a 6 turn game you will generate 1 addional power dice, not worth it for the points, go for book of arkhan or dispell scroll instead
  6. Vorizah Vukotic

    Throne of Skulls 2400 list

    Thanks guys for the helpful advice, but alas as i only just got paid I immediatly checked out ticket availability, and it seems that i won't be going to this tourney after all....... Never mind there is always the next one while i did consider Ghouls for my army I just plain don't like the...
  7. Vorizah Vukotic

    Throne of Skulls 2400 list

    hey guys just looking for a bit of feedback on the list I plan to take to Throne of Skulls this October, I've never played in a fantasy tourny before so any obvious blunders in my list please point out!!! so without further ado Vampire Lord Forbidden Lore (Death) Dark Acolyte...
  8. Vorizah Vukotic

    What is a hell wraith?

    you know my brother has a saying about hope............................. hope is the denial of reality and I'm pretty sure that in this case it is. I mean come on GW has a history of majorly f%£$%^g things like this up personally i think it will be a case of tske the big monster and win or...
  9. Vorizah Vukotic

    Shortcomings of Regeneration

    well seing as everyone and their uncle has flaming weapons now and that alot of magic ignores saves of all kinds I think that 75pts - 90pts would be a good price, comparing to other banners out there it's still good but not 100pts good. well that's my opinion anyway I've only ever used it twice...
  10. Vorizah Vukotic

    Shortcomings of Regeneration

    I suppose that some people still think of it as overpowered because they lack regen in their armies? or assume the rules are the same as 7th? and because they dont play it often, I assume that they are not aware of it's short commings. However anyone who reads the the BRB from cover to cover...
  11. Vorizah Vukotic

    Wight King BSB on steed

    I also use the empire kit, But to keep with the theme of the cavalry I use I just did a straight head swap, to a grinning skull, and I'm working on replacing the hammer head on the banner with a scythe. It looks like my BSB is a wraith on a stick...... lol
  12. Vorizah Vukotic

    Spirit Host Recommendations

    I must concur, fantastic models there fallen angel! personally I think that using empire flagellents gives a good look. or empire militia with a little bit of green stuff to make them a bit more rough around the edges and give that kind of wind blowing them away look.
  13. Vorizah Vukotic


    I know what you mean about unbalanced, this became clesrly evident when elves were introduced as their stat to gold ratio was way overpowered and left everyone else at a massive disadvantage, also there seemed to be no continuity as to how hired sword cost/rating was worked out, some were just...
  14. Vorizah Vukotic


    I've been playing mordheim religiously since it's release and in my opinion it is one of GW's best releses, the rule book is quite clunky and can lead to a huge variety of arguments between opponents(trust me ive heard just about every single one) but the game is pretty cool especially if you...
  15. Vorizah Vukotic

    Immense scenery

    wow Those pieces are fantastic! definitely worth the price and most aren't that much more than GW's....

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