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Recent content by Wilhelm von Carstien

  1. Wilhelm von Carstien

    Foundation paints

    In my opnion the washes are indeed one of the best "hobby" releases by GW in a number of years. While I have been using the older style inks for quite a while now (any one remember the way old flip-top GW paint pots, the ones with the white tops, similar to the P3s?), and I have grown accustom...
  2. Wilhelm von Carstien

    Hellfire banner and character in unit

    I'm a tad confused here. How could he cause 60 wounds? Wilhelm
  3. Wilhelm von Carstien

    Colour bases for Icy themed undead?

    If you didn't want to do the snow bases look, you could do the Sand, primed black, painted scorced earth, drybrushed various shades of lighter earth. Its quick and easy and done "to death" for lots of different figures, but thats because it looks good. Not to mention it would bring a nice...
  4. Wilhelm von Carstien

    Base Size For Abysmal Terror?

    I know the model you are talking about, could be a cool conversion, shouldn't be impossible either. What about using a large GW flying stand for the chariot itself, then getting Paperclips or small GW flying stands to make the horses Floating/flying. You could also probably mount it on one...
  5. Wilhelm von Carstien

    N1AK's Speed Painting Odyssey

    Nice Job N1AK. So since you are speed painting, I have to ask the question....How long did these take you? I like the purple, its maybe a tat bright for my liking, but perhaps this is what you were going for. I like the aged bronze look of the GG (mine are done in a similar fashion). Keep...
  6. Wilhelm von Carstien

    Wights & necros

    indeed to mimic what the others have said, Great Job! Great minds must think alike cause I to have "converted" the necromancer from the corpse cart to be one of my free standing Necromancers. Cheers, Wilhelm
  7. Wilhelm von Carstien

    Variant Vampire/ Necro Models

    The figures you are refencing are made by reaper (check out Monique D'Noir or however is spelled). They are all roughly the same size. I actually use both Monique and one other figure (forget the name at the moment) in my current army. So size wise you shouldn't have to many problems. One...
  8. Wilhelm von Carstien

    Midwest Rampage Tournament report.

    Nice report, glad you had a good time, and glad the VC had a good showing. I'm also in the midwest, out of ucriousity where was Rampage held? Cheers, Wilhelm
  9. Wilhelm von Carstien

    Black Coach Help w/ Reference Picture

    RE: Black Coach Help my advice would be to spray prime the entire thing black (inside and outsides, so this would be done befor assembly) then build the thing. To be honest there isn't much detail on the inside except some of the curtians that are visible. If you wanted to go with the boarded...
  10. Wilhelm von Carstien

    Army List Builder

    Just another quick reply, the "official" new Vampire Counts files are up on the Army Builder page. There are a few little bugs (no enchanted shield option, etc.), but I would expect to see those worked out soon. Yes one has to pay for the inital purchace of army builder, however after that...
  11. Wilhelm von Carstien

    Favorite vampire model?

    Favorite vampire model hmm... I would probably have to go with Monique De Noir from Reaper: Jen Haley's amazing paint job Off of Reaper's main site I believe one of our very own menbers (Ritchie) did a sclupt based off of the 54mm version of her as well. Or there is Judas...
  12. Wilhelm von Carstien

    Willhelm against the Lizardmen 1500 pts

    Woo Hoo glad to see that I won the day :P In all seriousness, nice report. Cheers, Wilhelm Von Carstien
  13. Wilhelm von Carstien

    Wilhelm's painting log

    lol, ok fluffy I'll see what I can do about getting you a bigger pic, and about getting the whole unit (complete with General, and Wight lord/Warrior Priest Standard bearer). Wilhelm
  14. Wilhelm von Carstien

    Lawn of the dead - my VC army log

    Arisen, Thanks for the updated pic, The white balance is much better, and now we can all clearly see the washing/shading in the skin tones and pants. Looks good so far. Keep it up. Wilhelm
  15. Wilhelm von Carstien

    Heavy Infantry 2K campaign list

    Thanks for the reply guys. I defenately see what you are all saying about the extra scroll, and talisman. I guess I took the talisman because I'm always so scared of the general dieing. The problem I was facing is that my Vamp powers are locked in. While I completely agree that...