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    Revenge of the Three-Word-Story!

    and uncommonly rancid
  2. woodster17

    So, what's everyone working on?

    Finding less and less time to pain atm but finishing up some Ogre Leadbelchers which are nice to finally get done. Forgeworld rust is providing a nice touch the the actual weapons. Hoping to move on to some more Crypt Ghouls soon.
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    The White-Walkers of Sigfried Von Carstein

    You're an insanely talented painter. Congrats. My Cairn Wraith is painted in a similar style (obviously not to as high a standard though). Can I ask what the final colour for the last highlight on the Ice them is? Is it as simple as Skull White (or whatever the alternative is now). Keep the pics...
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    Bloodline Powers

    Red Fury is clearly a strong in game device for a Blood Dragon Vampire. However, I don't associate frenzy with the Blood Dragon blood line at all. In fact, they would be the last blood line that I'd imagine would lose their cool. Considering that many were originally Knights of The Empire it...
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    Countdown from 20,000

  6. woodster17

    Ghoulish Problem.

    Agree with all of this. I did it too. Games Workshop new washes are terrible when it comes to providing a matt finish. My ghoul skin went like this- Ogryn Wash followed by Carroburg Crimson and Leviathan Purple. A little too shiny but redeemable. Then Reikland Fleshshade comes along in replace...
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    Are Vampires only human?

    Yeah agreed, but it can and does happen. Bill King mentions that Dwarfs can and do become vampires so it'd make sense for an Elf to have the possibility of becoming one too. Maybe the Vampire likes a challenge? Or maybe he just thought 'screw it, i've been alive for 1,500 years, let's experiment...
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    Danse Macbre after failed charge?

    Were you having a discussion with some (sarcastic) nice fellows? :innocent: I assume they were telling you that you couldn't make a further move with Danse Macabre. Unless I've been playing it wrong you are indeed entitled to. Danse Macabre doesn't depend on you having succesfully moved wherever...
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    Countdown from 20,000

  10. woodster17

    Are Vampires only human?

    Ah ok. Well Nathan Long's altered the description of it by the original author Bill King. I'd tend to go by King's, although I do enjoy the Blood... trilogy. Hope Long produces some more! Elves wouldn't be immune to beguilement no. Particularly if you had a VonC or Lahmian turn them, who are...
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    Are Vampires only human?

    Yeah that'd make sense- Nagarythe (Malekith's kingdom) and Caledor (home of the Dragon Princes) famously don't get along at all (and that's putting it nicely). You could easily think of something revolving around that storyline. Ulrika didn't submit to the Blood Kiss at all. She was forcibly...
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    Are Vampires only human?

    I agree with Irisado here, it'd be much easier to suggest that a Dragon Princess was unwittingly turned (even though I'm highly convinced that the Blood Kiss would cause a magical implosion in the Asur) by a Vampire and in a fit of anguish and rage she turns her fellows in to her get's too. The...
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    Are Vampires only human?

    Doesn't make a whole lot of difference if you don't have a choice though. I doubt when Walach Harkon showed up many of the denizens of Blood Keep fancied being a vampire yet it happened. Defeat and Elf or Dwarf in battle... grant the Blood Kiss when on the verge of death. How they'd react is...
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    If you were a vampire/necromancer in the world of warhammer

    Aha! This. Have a little fun. Doesn't have to be all rending and tearing all the time. Mess with your critters. I'd stop being so melancholy and just chill out, no pressures of everyday life and no damn flu (which I currently have, breaking my 18 month non-cold streak). Alas! You could do...
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    Countdown from 20,000


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