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    Aki's non-VC batreps

    Very awesome reports! I always get excited when I see more of your batreps on because they are so well done and entertaining. Let us know how you do at the tourney!
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    300 Zombies-I'm sorry but yes

    Have you had a chance to field your 300 yet? If so how did they do? Very interested to see a battle report with this concept!
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    bat swarms - a discussion

    Characters cannot join swarms unless there is some funky storm of magic rule I don't know about.
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    Wight King or Vampire BSB

    Awwww I was hoping to get more vampires with my trolling!
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    Wight King or Vampire BSB

    Best BSB wight king builds evar! Shield Shrieking Blade Crown of Command Pidgeon Plucker Pendant OR Lance Shield Skeletal Steed (Barded) Gleaming Pennant
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    Aki's non-VC batreps

    He had already overrun once (against the troll) so he couldn't overrun again once he killed the spider (BRB pg 58)
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    Fell Bats

    Gotta paint up 4 fell bats by tomorrow! Any suggestions for paint schemes for the body and wing membranes? Thanks in advance!
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    Likely fighting demons

    Hello all! I got a pick up match most likely against demons tomorrow. I am not a super competitive player and mostly play just for the fun of it with themed lists. I have only played demons once and it was a year ago and I was playing orcs and goblins at the time. He had a big ol demon...
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    Helm of the Draesca

    That's it? No other thoughts?
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    New FAQ V 1.6

    You have seemed to miss the question. Why would one FAQ say that it can (english) and one it cant (spanish)
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    New FAQ V 1.6

    Anyone had a chance to research this? Screaming into combats the screamers are not part of is a MAJOR advantage. I honestly think I will still play my VC that they cannot because it does not make logical sense to me.
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    Helm of the Draesca

    So I have been playing with the idea for awhile of coming up with an army themed around The Helm of the Draesca on page 29 of the VC armybook. So the general theme is that it is that time again in the 7 year cycle and the armies of the Draescan Kings has gone forth into the world for glory and...
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    2000pnts Vampire Counts vs Warriors of Chaos

    Quick question. If you Lord died in round 1 and you had no other casters with the lore of Vampires shouldn't there have been many more crumble tests?
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    Wight kings?

    lol that is a funny picture... An ancient warrior clad in bronze armor called from his tomb to battle for it's vampire master.... with a couple rapiers......
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    Vampires vs Dwarfs 1000pts

    Great Batrep and Victory against the hated stunties! you mentioned a couple battles. What happened with the first?