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    help with list vs. Dwarf

    We have a challenge board going on at our local GW and the Dwarf player that i beat down a few weeks ago just challenged me. I think he will be gunning for me this time. I got really lucky last time plus we both made some mistakes so this time I want to make sure I have a good solid list to...
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    2nd Game with VC's this one at 2000 pts

    a Victorious Slaughter.... once again the stars of the match where my Batswarms! ill posts the lists, details, pic's here a bit later when i get home from work!
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    1st game with VC...1500 how did it end?

    My first game with Vampire Counts tonight ends with: A victorious Slaughter for me! My opponent was High Elves I apologize for not knowing all their units and unit names but he had 2 units of Cav (Silverhelms) 1 (maybe 2) mage(s) 2 units of archers (Shadow Warriors) 2 units of...
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    hello all

    Hi guys…. My names Nate (etan is nate backwards for those not in the know) I'm a lover or Orcs and have played them for a fair bit and like them a lot (more like love them). I had a few extra bucks for my birthday and I decided I was going to start a new army and I decided on Vamp...