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    2500pt Competifluff Army

    Hi everyone! It's been ages since I've been here...or played much warhammer for that matter. The new 8th Edition stuff has got me to dust off my dead guys and take a stab :lol: at the new hotness. Firstly: probably be a long post...I tend to do that. Secondly: I play WH largly for the...
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    2250 Competative and Fluffy

    Warning, I am long winded so skip what you want :cool: After playing with a few lists I've come upon one that I really like. I've got a few hundred points of change here and there (just dropped a unit of BKs with BotDL, cuz my Knights ALWAYS wiff, without fail). The Blood Count - Level 3...
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    Mixing and Thinning paints...

    I've heard a ton from people that to get the best quality paint jobs you should mix and thin down your paints. I'm a little curious on how people do this, however. If you start with a standard citadel paint jar, what do you use to mix on another surface (furthermore, what surfaces do you...
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    2250pts Hybrid All-Comer List

    Hi all, finally back to Warhammer after a couple months off. Been trying to come up with a list that I like and finally got a solid one that has most of what I like: --------------------------------------------- BEGIN EDIT Lord (LvL3) - Red Fury, Dark Acolyte, LotD; Blood Drinker, Walach's...
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    Dual 2250 Lists - Hybrid Lord vs Mannfred

    -----EDITED 3/3/08 2:34PM------ Been making tons of VC lists to possibly take to GT this year. I've recently settled on a liking of a decent to heavy magic lord with a Wight Bodyguard, a necro on CC and another vamp to lead a block of skeletons. Details below: Hybrid Lord: Lord - MotDA...
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    Rank much?

    Anyone else notice how impossible it is to rank up characters with the new VC models? The skeletons and GG are leaning forward and such and there is like no way to put a character in the front rank...very agrivating.
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    Corpse Cart Woes

    Hi all. Been assembling my spearhead for the past few days. The skeletons are stellar (best of the new models easy), GG are awsome, ghouls are quite good and the wolves are very dynamic...even if their heads are overly large. Problems came about when I started to assemble the corpse cart...
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    2250 Tournament VC - New Book

    ----Edited 2/24/09 07:28PM---- I was just brainstorming a different type of list that what I've been running lately with the new VC rules. I've been running magicy vampires extensively with Skeletons as my main force. I prefer Grave Guard, so here's my first draft of a Wight army. Vampire...