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    Veil of the Ages: The Breach [Kickstarter]

    2 days left, so close now. Go! Go! Go! :)
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    Veil of the Ages: The Breach [Kickstarter]

    Check out the this peek at the digital side, for free if the project gets funded: Video Tutorial The physical game: The print-out game: Chariot by Little Joe:
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    Veil of the Ages: The Breach [Kickstarter]

    Veil of the Ages: The Breach (Kickstarter) Ladies and gentlemen, please look closer if you wish to see more fresh blood in our hobby! This initiative by Veil of the Ages for a low entry barrier should be of interest for all fantasy wargamers, regardless of what wargame they happen to play...
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    Quickstarter Gallery Contest: Win Glory With YOUR Undead!

    The Covenant calls: Noblesse oblige a mustering of your cadaverous forces and osteological warriors. Do your part for Vampirism! Enter the Quickstarter Gallery Contest now and reap eternal glory. Due date: 10th of April
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    New Asscannon out now!

    Andy has launched a Kickstarter for a mixed mould of fantasy miniatures, including Dwarf werewolves! Eight more days to go:
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    15mm Flora & Fauna in the Ashlands out now!

    Beyond soaring mountains lie the vast Ashlands, a harsh patchwork of landscapes varying from steppe to lava pools and giant briar forests, cut through by dry wadies, gaping earthquake fissures and unclean streams alike, and dotted by oasises that are all too often toxic. Foreigners' babbling...
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    T9A Contests

    Golden Sword II is up now! Theme: Artillery. Bring out your projectile launchers, and have a chance at winning prizes from the following supporting companies:
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    Chaos Dwarf Culture Project [WHFB]

    Howdy folks! This is just a quick mention with link for those interested in Warhammer and Chaos Dwarfs, or just curious overall for this largely community-developed faction. A great amount of stories, songs and fables (some illustrated) have been written for Warhammer Fantasy's Chaos Dwarfs...
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    T9A Contests

    Art Contest II is up now! Theme: Beyond the battlefield. Bring us scenes civilian, or at least not in actual engagements of combat, and have a chance at winning prizes:
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    CDO Presents: Artisan's Contest!

    Malevolent Mariners art challenge up now, courtesy of Titan Wargames! How about some Undead versus Chaos Dwarf high sea action? Join the contest for a good chance at prizes:
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    Bazooka Team and Big Hats of the Dark Bell Tower Out Now!

    These 28mm miniatures sculpted by Fuggit Khan are out now! Order your Bazooka Team and Big Hats here. Priced upon release at €12 per each bazooka team of 2 miniatures, with various bits and 7 hats. A kit of the same 7 hats only is also available, priced at €6,5 upon release. Bases are NOT...
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    Tjublings (15mm) out now!

    There is much, oh so much that the lesser races fear in this world. They fear loss. They fear death. They fear pain. They fear deprivation. They fear tyranny. They fear hell. This is well, oh so well, for it allows us to forge all these fears into one potent symbol and strike it searing...
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    T9A Contests

    Warcolours present: Golden Sword I. Battle standard bearer miniature painting competition. Lots of prizes up for grabs. Check it out!
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    KS 10mm Ogres by Andrew Taylor

    Andy has sculpted a bunch of 10mm scale Ogres, of interest for Warmaster collectors: Kickstarter up now!
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    Dungeon Clutter of Ancient Times

    These miniature bits are out now! Order your dungeon clutter here: Also on Etsy. The ceramics and household wares are priced at €6 per each kit upon release, while the dessicated corpse comes in at €3,8. Cast in whitemetal by Griffin Moulds JJP. Size comparisons...
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    Tjublings (15mm) out now!

    The winds howled and whipped ashen clouds before them. Vultures flocked in the sky as the Third Great Army of Tjubba-Tjur deployed on a ridge to meet the onslaught of barbarian Orcs and Goblins. Such frothing maniacs and ravening hordes! That description was equally true for both sides in this...
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    Bloodbeard's Hydro Bar Tutorial

    My friend Bloodbeard has shared a tutorial for making a ramshackle post-apocalyptic drinking hole. Lots of similar stuff to be found on his blog:
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    Bloodbeard's Corrugated Scrap Metal Wall Tutorial

    His Scrap Metal Tower Tutorial is a follow-up on this piece. Same techniques, plus camo netting from bandages: Worth a look. :)
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    Bloodbeard's Upgraded Dollhouse Furniture Tutorial

    My friend Bloodbeard has shared a tutorial most useful for adding detail and lifelike surroundings to your settings of mad adventure and horrible carnage. His blog is filled with this kind of scratchbuilding stuff. Enter, the dollhouse: