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  1. Citrov

    Kitbash Idea - Advice on Parts used

    So I am thinking about making the proto-death god for my dudes underworld in Shysh using a few different pieces, acting as a count as for a Mortarch. The parts I am thinking of using, sourced from ebay, bits sellers etc are as follows; - Alarielle the Everqueen As the body (no beetle) - A...
  2. Citrov

    Bloodmoon Hunters - Army Lists

    To reduce clutter I will stick to one thread for posting my own list ideas and comments on how they perform, linking back to battle report threads so people interested can look between. General format will be as follows; List Who I have played it against Comments on units The following post...
  3. Citrov

    The Bloodmoon Hunters - My vampires and their Bloodline.

    The fluff for my army. Its still a work in progress as I figure out how they handle the events of Soul Wars, adjust to the new lore and edit it to read and sound better. Realm: Shysh Region: Teresal Predominant features: The lands of Teresal in Shysh that the Bloodmoon Hunters stalk is...
  4. Citrov

    Citrovs Army Log - Custodes and Undeath

    I already have a considerable Undeath collection, so this is more to log those that I have started working on since the beginning of the Soul Wars event. COnsidering new members cannot upload images I will instead be providing links. My priorly painted army is here. I will paste a Link for my...
  5. Citrov

    New Blood

    Citrov Hi I am a new blood member, though I have lurked a bit, mostly to get inspiration for painting my own forces. I play both 40k and Age of Sigmar, though due to available players mostly the former. In Age of Sigmar my army is an undead host with a focus on Soulblight where I probably have...