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  1. The Archivist

    Tales of New Eden OOC

    Player Profiles: Player: Spineyrequiem True Name: Naoko Itsumi/Omo Handle: Puppet Girl Existence: Human schoolgirl mindslave/cloth sorcerer hand puppet Main Mojo: Eldritch Lightning Ally Ex Machina: Ehime Girls' High Burning and Pillaging Society Cult Beef: Cult members are trying to collect...
  2. The Archivist

    Tales of New Eden IC RP

    Para's Normal Pizza was fairly unassuming despite being a large three-storey five-sided building with a large asphalt carpark and being placed between heavy conifers, pleasant semidetached homes and the ugly concrete blocks of flats. Open all day, every day, the stone construction drew people...
  3. The Archivist

    Tales of New Eden: TONE Sign-up thread

    Prologue: Things have been getting hairy recently. Goblin gang wars in Europe, mutated fae spawning in Antarctica and a series of Yeti rampages in the Himalayas: and that's just the small stuff. The meteoric rise of Baron Samedi's avatar has sent the paranormal and supernatural communities...
  4. The Archivist

    Revitalising RP

    Alright you bloodsucking bats of the Theatre de Vampyre, listen in. I've been away for a bit and things seem to have gotten a little dull, so I have a proposal for you all: a new RP. Now I know that I'm not going to have it easy my end, since I'm in deepest darkest New Zealand, but that means...
  5. The Archivist

    Help needed: List of non-human engineers

    Hello there! I was making a list the other day of non-human engineers, but I came up blank for the most part. Anyone got suggestions? I currently have: Ratchet (anthropomorphic, Lombax from Ratchet & Clank) Miles "Tails" Prower (anthropomorphic, Fox from Sonic) Pinkie Pie (quadruped...
  6. The Archivist

    CC&PD Reloaded IC

    The agricultural compound stinks of old chemicals and even older fertiliser. The metal walls are covered in grime and rust, with the odd grungy green of mildew appearing around busted pipes. The entire complex is simply ramp after ramp leading up through levels of broken and looted hydroponics...
  7. The Archivist

    Camo Cloak & Power Dagger Returns: Sign Up and OOC

    After the questionably successful mission targeting the Vespido leader, Por’O Dal’yth’ne Ebi’on Myen Run’al Skether'quan Len’ra’or’es has decided to become more flexible as to the team’s composition. After sending out many more invites to promising individuals, contact has been set up with...
  8. The Archivist

    Moons of Kolas Campaign

    The local store campaign for beginners started yesterday, and I entered with my Tau. I've never won a 40K game, and usually I play Imperial Guard, so I was nervous. 600pts of Tau: A Shas'El with cyclic ion blaster, shield and positional relay Crisis with shield, twin-linked fusion-blaster...
  9. The Archivist

    Requesting New Password Failure

    Forgot my password, couldn't be bothered to look it up and whenever I tried to enter my email addess to get a new password the site failed. Time: 11:00 GMT 17/12/12
  10. The Archivist

    Not Really A Multi-User Blog

    The idea of this thread came to me as I often end up bored, pondering some ridiculous question while waiting for someone to post on an RP or for a video to load. I don't often feel there's much opportunity for offloading these ideas to a wider audience. Of course, a blog seems the right idea...
  11. The Archivist

    Camo Cloak and Power Dagger IC

    The offer had gone out through many channels, official and unofficial. A few minor names, a few major names, no obvious reason for the choice. Locals and outsiders, several species, jobs ranging from interrogation to assassination, the names passed through numerous hands. Finally, however, a...
  12. The Archivist

    Camo Cloak and Power Dagger OOC

    OOC is going up first and I'll explain how the system is going to work. First, here is everything I've posted: The northernmost system in the Farsight Enclaves, Ebi'on is a red giant which has swallowed most of the planets in the system. Only the outermost three are left: Ta'dori, a dusty...
  13. The Archivist

    'Camo Cloak & Power Dagger' Sign-up thread

    I've had an idea for an intricate, twist-laden, mysterious plot for a 40K roleplay. It would involve intense roleplaying, detective work and light combat. I can promise lots of small, rapid updates and responses, and I would like to think I can weave a really submersive story. Anybody...
  14. The Archivist

    IG vs Orks : Assaults are Evil/Great

    Okay then. It's probably fair to point out that I'm a terrible player, but I was hoping that this time, with our first 'no proxies' battle, and the addition of a valkyrie and executioner to my forces, I would win for once. With a points cap of 1000 though, my executioner couldn't make it. On my...
  15. The Archivist

    Where are the xenos (and what can we come up with)?

    Everyone (you know, the generic everyone) always goes on about how the 'Imperium beset by xenos, mutants and heretics' is a bit of a misnomer by gaming standards: all those imperial armies, a couple of other races and some corrupted units. With the release of Tau and Tyranids over the years, and...
  16. The Archivist

    Characters in units: how do they work?

    I'm trying to draw up my units, but I don't know how the points are managed on the side, especially characters. Please help! ...---... ...---... ...---...
  17. The Archivist

    The Archivist (Dwarves) vs Marius (Vampire Counts), 2000pts

    Let's see if this works...o.o
  18. The Archivist

    Slow and Steady Fantasy Game

    I just got the system on my computer and trying to figure out how to use the damn thing. Anyone up for a slow game between my Dwarves and any other force as I stumble through the software?
  19. The Archivist

    Throng of Salt

    A Plog for my Dwarven Throng I'm an ideas person, and as such I am apt to start a project and leave it unfinished. As you can see in the photos below, I haven't even looked at my Christmas prezzies, and I've only just finished the dwarves from the Battle for Skull Pass, the 7th edition...
  20. The Archivist

    The Legion of Frost: The Surgical Tent

    The surgical tent is both large and spacious, constructed from multiple furs and fabrics. Unlike the troop quarters tents, it has multiple poles creating a large rectangular floor space. The floor space is not purely dedicated to the surgery. Although the two thirds closest to the door contains...