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  1. Dreadlegions

    Can lore attribute heal units?

    It says choose a model. What about if there is a wounded Crypt Horror or Spirit Host unit? The wounds for these units are technically a "wound pool" so there is no wounded model. So does this render them unable to be healed? What about if they are a unit of one base, or one model. Can they be...
  2. Dreadlegions

    Incredible Vampire on Dragon

    Have any of you seen this? EDIT TO ADD BETTER PHOTO: http://www.coolminiornot.com/314998 Sorry if it was already posted... but if not, it makes for wonderful inspiration. This won an award at the UK Golden Demon and is featured in this month's White Dwarf...
  3. Dreadlegions

    Zombie Dragon or Terror?

    Which is your mount of choice for a Lord? Why do you prefer it?
  4. Dreadlegions

    Wolves only

    I've been away from VC for a long time - I've only just flicked through the book and haven't played a single game of 8th - but now that wolves count towards core, a theme popped into my head. How viable do you think it would be to use your core points on wolves only? Do their new rules...
  5. Dreadlegions

    New FAQ

    Holy moly, this changes things: http://www.games-workshop.com/MEDIA_CustomProductCatalog/m2220025_Warhammer_FAQ__PART2_Jan_2009.pdf Is Dreadlance now only really worth it on a horse, since our other mounts can die so easily? No Beast Cowers on Daemons!! EDIT: And yikes - killing blow...
  6. Dreadlegions

    Banshee (+ Wraith added)

    I've started painting up my banshee. Tis my first attempt at ethereals... what do you think?
  7. Dreadlegions

    Do you feel put off at all?

    A few months before the latest book came out, I started Vampire Counts. I wanted to make a unique army, based around making a mockery of the gleaming High Elf ranks (in other words, some sort of decaying/mutated High Elves) - and Vamps were ideal for that. I've put a lot of time and effort...
  8. Dreadlegions

    2250 Dread Elves version 2

    Been tinkering with my list a bit... here's what I've envisioned currently: LORDS Vampire Lord (Lvl. 3) on Zombie Dragon: Infinite Hatred, Beguile, Forbidden Lore | Blood Drinker, Helm of Command, Wristbands HEROS Vampire BSB: Master of the Black Arts | Flayed Hauberk, Black...
  9. Dreadlegions

    The Varghulf Blood Knight Tag Team

    People discuss using wolves and bats as a meat shield/screen for their Blood Knights - but what about a Varghulf? Granted, it doesn't cover the Knights enough to prevent shooting at them, but it is perfect for preventing unwanted frenzy charges whilst still giving them line of sight to potential...
  10. Dreadlegions

    Regarding Invocation

    Just a quick question: If a unit is raised above starting numbers - say from 15 to 20 - and loses 4 models to stand at 16 strong, can a character without a Master Power use IoN to bring back those 4 dead guys? Or, because it's still above starting size, would a Master Power be needed?
  11. Dreadlegions

    Small units of Grave Guard

    Do they work? I've seen units of 5+ Executioners recommended for Dark Elves, and they're quite similar units - but I always see Grave Guard fielded in quite bulky units. Has anyone tried smaller units with them, obviously using great weapons? How do they do?
  12. Dreadlegions

    The Dread Elves - 2250 pts

    Finally got round to working out a concrete army list for my undead High Elves... everything up until this point has been playtesting the units in the new book, getting a feel for how they all work. Please feel free to comment! LORDS Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon: Level 3, Master of the...
  13. Dreadlegions

    Flying vampires

    Have any of you had much success with Flying Horror on vampires? Obviously it takes up most of their 50pts of powers, but there are numerous ways to equip them item-wise. Any nice builds? Any brilliant tactics?
  14. Dreadlegions

    War machines and shooting

    Bit of a foolish question here, but I've never come up against warmachines (other than Skaven ones which tend to have 360 sight). What are the rules regarding, say, cannons or bolt throwers and shooting at would-be hunters? If a unit is behind the cannon, can the cannon pivot on the spot and...
  15. Dreadlegions

    Supporting a Zombie Dragon

    Once these beasts get to combat, they're incredible. But outside it, they aren't much tougher than any old griffon or manticore. Anything with high enough strength will negate their armour, and their low toughness and wounds doesn't help either. How do you protect your lovelie beasties? What...
  16. Dreadlegions

    To fly, or not to fly?

    I'm just pondering the mount for my vampire lord, and can't come to anything close to a firm decision: Dragon? Hellsteed? Flying Horror? Or a nightmare inside a unit? My army is based on re-animated High Elves, so a dragon is particularly fitting, and certainly appeals a lot. And a...
  17. Dreadlegions

    The Dread Elves - An Undead High Elf log

    1 Bathed in candlelight, Archmage Urath leaned in closer, scrutinizing the ancient text with renewed vigour. He was so close … Uttering intricate incantations, he dipped into the winds of magic, let them flow into his mind, fill his body. A rim of light glowed about his...
  18. Dreadlegions

    Dire Wolves

    Hey guys, I'm contemplating taking up the undead after collecting Dark Elves, where my Dark Riders were the most useful unit I've ever had the pleasure of including in an army. It's made me really put a lot of stock in fast cavalry, so my first move when looking over the Vampire book is to...