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    Super Nerd Alert!!

    Well I warned you, so don't give me too hard of a time. My friends and I started up playing Dungeons and Dragons :Vampire1:. I know... It's actually been a blast though. We don't play all seriously and be freaky basement D&D nerds (no offense to anyone that does this). We're playing v3.5 because...
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    Coach List 2250

    I decided to try out a duel coach list. I've used it twice now and there's only one thing I'd change in it thus far. I've played against a hit and run Wood Elves list and Pegasus Knight Brets list. (Massacre against brets and a draw against Wood Elves [we ended early but I had the upperhand at...
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    Tomb Kings vs. Khorne Daemons 2250

    Okay, so I had a friend over that normally plays Tomb Kings. However, I wanted to try them out so he chose to use my Daemon book (which I've only used once and stopped playing them because of the op-ness). He decided on using pure Khorne, which wasn't all that bad and it was very challenging...
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    Help with 40k

    Okay, I don't know what were doing wrong, but either 40k is EXTREMELY unbalanced, or we aren't playing right. The same people win every game and there seems to be nothing we can do about it... Now, I play Chaos Space Marines, supposedly a good army. I've tried using the...
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    This would be crazy! 2250 pts

    Okay, I just want to mess with my opponents for a game so here it goes. Vampire Lord Extra lvl Hunter in the Dark Red Fury Infinite Hatred Flayed Hauberk Crown of the Damned Sword of Might Sceptre De Noirot 455 pts Vampire Hunter in the Dark Infinite Hatred Sword of Battle Black Periapt...
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    A Little Strange List 2250

    Well, I want to go for something that's not normal for vampires so I'm going for a 'scary' army. So lots of Terror, making people run away and killing them without touching them. Now this won't work on ITP people, but I don't plan on playing any of them. Vampire Lord Lvl 3 Hunter in the Dark...
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    Setting Up Terrain

    So, in my wanting to make the game as balanced as possible, I don't think my groups method of setting up terrain is very fair at all. So my question is, how do you set up terrain and when (as in, before or after declaring table sides)?
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    Ballistic Skill?

    Alright, I know everyone has wondered about this, but I'll ask anyways to see if someone knows. Why do any of the units in the vampire counts army have a ballistic skill? We don't have any shooting, and, as far as I'm concerned, there's no such thing as a 'ballistic skill test.' So, Why?!
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    Danse the TK?

    Can we cast Vanhel's Danse Macabre on a friendly Tomb King unit? It says target a friendly undead unit; if you're on a team, both restrictions are satisfied. Anyone object to this? I realize IoN and SUH can't because it specifically states 'one of your own undead units,' but Vanhel's doesn't...
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    Bolt Thrower VS Skirmishers

    I just want to know what happens... We've come to this point many a time in friendly battles and we can find a clear rule on how to work it out. The two possibilities were: a) Hits every model in a straight line exactly like RnF. b) Hits one model. So just a little clarification would be...
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    Painting Blood/guts?

    How, the best way to get that shiny gross kind of look as if guts have just come out of something? I'm going to need it for my zombie :)
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    Steg Herds...

    Alright, I have a few questions about the new Lizardmen Stegadon herd lists. I hear it's possible for 10 in a 'normal' sized army. Now, my friend (who plays lizardmen) and I were trying to figure this out. We figured with 3 units of 10 skinks as core. You could get 8 stegadons in a 2250 army...
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    My Varghulf!

    Alright, I'm converting a bunch of models into a vargulf, but need to know the size of the base. I'm assuming it's 40x40 but I'm not positive. Can anyone help me out?
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    How do you beat flagellants with VC? I seems pretty difficult as they are high strength ItP and Unbreakable... I'm thinking wraiths but my friend might very well have 3 units in a 2250 pt game... They also add a buttload of DD so casting will be difficult as he'll be generating about 10...
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    2250 very fast

    So, I made an army for a 2250 pt game not knowing what I would be fighting. So I made a crazy army and it turned out great. Vampire Lord 425 Walach's Bloody Hauberk; Helm of Commandment; Wizard Level 3; Dark Acolyte; Master of the Black Arts; Summon Ghouls...
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    Trentonator's Painting Log OF THE DEAD!

    Well, I love painting and I pay tons of attention to detail. That being said I don't paint very fast compared to the rest of the people on the forum. Also I despise basing my models, I'm terrible at it and it takes me a long time. So I won't have any models based until I have quite a few units...
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    My first few...

    Grave guard. Just started on them a couple days ago. C&C Welcome. Also, what does everyone think of the color scheme? Front Back thanks for looking!
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    40k Chaos Space Marines

    Well, I'm making a CSM army and I want to know which color scheme you all prefer. I'm going for a 'royal' kind of feel but with some creepiness behind it. Kind of like you know something really evil is behind that mask. I made three, and here they are here's #1 well, #2 isn't...
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    Okay so I know this isn't vampire counts but It's a questions my friends and I have been wondering about for a while now and can't seem to find an answer to it. Whenever a roll is made to see which direction the Fanatics move, what happens if you roll a 'hit' on the scatter dice. now we've...
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    Origin of an Army

    Okay, so I want to start painting my guys, but I want to know if there are any marshes in Sylvania. For some reason a muddy, extremely dark, voodoo type horde, seems amazing in my opinion. But I do want my army to have some background, so I don't want to just say, "Oh they're from some marsh..."...