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  1. Monkey's_Uncle

    Wanted: Dwarf Slayers

    Hi Guys, Monkey here. Well it's that time of the year again! The annual Mordheim bash is fast approaching and I'm playing Dwarfs (I know... me?). Anyway I need 2 slayers for the Warband and haven't got any, so if any of you have some surplus to requirements I would be willing to take them...
  2. Monkey's_Uncle

    Missing country flags.

    I only just noticed that the country flags below a users avatar seems to be missing. Is this a known bug? or is this an issue with the migration? I haven't been very active lately, so this could be old news.
  3. Monkey's_Uncle

    UOM (Unidentified Old Model)

    Hi Guys, A mate of mine has an old model (presumed Citadel) that he can;t ID. I've had a look, but have come up blank as well, we we're wondering whether any of you guys might be able to help. Uploaded with ImageShack.us 20 zombies for the user who can positively identify it! Cheers...
  4. Monkey's_Uncle

    Wanted: Metal Huron Blackheart

    Hi Guys! I'm after a Huron Blackheart for use in a conversion I've got planned. The only snag is that I don't like finecost. So I was wondering whether any of you guys had a metal one that you would be willing to part with for a little financial reimbursement or parts exchange. Condition...
  5. Monkey's_Uncle

    Decent White Spray Primer

    Hi Guys! I've just run out of the ol' Citadel Skull White spray and I need to get some more. The only hitch is that the GW one is outrageously expensive nowadays and I've been finding the more recent batches are very hit and miss when it comes to quality. So I was wondering whether you could...
  6. Monkey's_Uncle


    Hi Guys! I've been painting a test model for my grave guard and I've just got to doing the metals. My question to you is this, what is an easy and effective way of painting a patina onto copper etc? My mate recommended a wash of watered down scaly green, but seeing as mine has all dried up and...
  7. Monkey's_Uncle

    Wanted: Zombie Dragon Rider Lance

    Hi Guys! I'm after a lance from the Zombie Dragon kit and was wondering whether any of you guys have got one spare? I'm more than happy to pay for postage and a couple of quid (or less ;)) for the bit itself. So if any of youse are arming your vampire lord with a magic sword instead of a...
  8. Monkey's_Uncle

    Space Marine Veterans Mk2

    Hi Guys, Monkey here... I've been redoing my space marine army and was about to buy the Space Marine Veterans MkII kit when GW took it off the website and replaced it with Finecast (ouch!). As I don't like Finecast I've been trying to find the metal variant, but to no avail. I was just...
  9. Monkey's_Uncle

    How long have you been in the hobby?

    The thread title just about sums it up. I was just curious to find out how long you guys have all been in the hobby and what kind of percentages we have. Feel free to discuss the first game that brought you in to the hobby and what you feel has changed for the better or worse in the intervening...
  10. Monkey's_Uncle

    Wanted 1x OOP Grave Guard

    Hi Guys! I'm beginning work on my Vamps again as I have a Tournament coming up in August and I want to have 'em all painted (Yes, I paint veery slowly). Anyways, I'm one Grave Guard short of a unit and wondered if anybody had a single spare metal one they were willing to part with for a small...
  11. Monkey's_Uncle

    Selling OOP Swooping Hawks

    Hey Guys! I'm selling some surplus OOP Swooping Hawks on eBay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/270915064717?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649#ht_500wt_1202 If you guys want 'em I can do a transition through here. I'm going to be selling the odd old model on eBay in the coming...
  12. Monkey's_Uncle

    Servo Arm

    Hi Guys! I'm looking for a spare servo arm for a warsmith conversion I'm doing and wondered if anybody had a spare one lying about. I'd prefer the old style one, but a new style servo harness is all right! Willing to financially reimburse the lucky seller! Cheers, Monkey
  13. Monkey's_Uncle

    H: WD Back Issues, W: Paypal

    Hey Guys! Me and a mate are trying to sell off some old back issues of White Dwarf, so I thought I might as well advertise on here. Most issues are in Very Good Condition, all are used, but have very few creases etc. What I have on offer is as follows: 3 copies of WD 300 (2 in very good...
  14. Monkey's_Uncle

    Wanted: Questing Knight Champion

    Hey Guys! I'm currently building an Undead warband for Mordheim, and like my main VC army it's bretonnian based. I want to convert my vampire out of the current questing knight champion, but can't find him individually and was wondering if any of you have a spare one you would be willing to...
  15. Monkey's_Uncle


    Hi Guys! I've just finished painting a test figure for my vampire counts (a metal graveguard) and am working on the rest of the unit when my mind wondered to the subject of varnishes. I used to use them a lot, but stopped after my models seemed to go white and I couldn't paint over it...
  16. Monkey's_Uncle

    The Pale Duke

    Hi Guys! Just thought I'd post up mi army fluff and see what you think of it. It's quite long so if you don't feel you can read all of it that's fine with me! "Duke Seymour le Brun was a young Duke of Bretonnia recently returned from the crusades. Buoyed up by his success he vowed he would...
  17. Monkey's_Uncle

    Introductions are in order...

    Hello There! After the palaver of activation emails and Disciple of Nagash kindly activating my account for me I felt it was time to introduce myself! I've been playing Warhammer for over half my life now (about 9 years) and through all that time I have played Lizards (I'm also a regular...