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  1. Mr. West

    Death Mask TK Build & Arkhan (TK) Question

    Just a couple quick questions in regards to traditional Tomb Kings characters: 1.) Would this specific Tomb King build be viable in ... a.) ... a pure melee-centric TK list ? b.) ... a scream-oriented UL list ? Tomb King, Light Armour, Great Weapon, Dragonhelm, Golden Death...
  2. Mr. West

    Warhammer - Lustria 2015

    Positively awesome ! :thumbsup: Thanks for sharing those pics with us !
  3. Mr. West

    Age of sigmar

    Hats off to Seneschal for best post ever regarding that matter. :bowdown: And yes, I'm a 25 year 'vet' as well ... for 'vet-ever' that's worth these days ... Everyone is entitled to their own opinion regarding the new system, the fluff or whatever, really. But the constant fanboyism for AoS...
  4. Mr. West

    So what are the plans for this forum section?

    Sounds good, so everyone can read / write about the game system they prefer :thumbsup: I for one, would be quite saddened if we didn't have a section for 8th ed. (or older editions of WHFB) on these boards anymore, simply because WHFB and AoS cannot be compared. They're completely different...
  5. Mr. West

    Age of sigmar

    In the past couple years, I've come to value this very forum, Carpe Noctem, over most other WHFB forums on the web. It has been an invaluable ressource for gaming, a fair ground for civilized discussions and gentleman-style disagreements, where every side always felt valued and respected. What...
  6. Mr. West

    Age of sigmar

    Well, okay, I just re-read the 'core rules' plus all the 'Warscrolls' for VC, HE and WE, plus a coule others and ... no. WHFB 8th ed. it is. For me that is.
  7. Mr. West

    Age of sigmar

    Whilst I completely agree with this sentiment, there's not much we can do at the moment to be overly 'constructive'. The rules for the AoS game have been leaked in full, and even if we don't know about all the 'Warscolls' for the other races and if or how we'll see some means of army (warband)...
  8. Mr. West

    Age of sigmar

    Well, I'm gonna get 4 boxes of Wildwood Rangers to finish my girlfriends WE army, but after that I'll probably be sticking exclusively to ebay and other sources. I want me one of those Ophidian Archways though, looks like a nice piece of scenery for once, but I'll have to see it in the flesh...
  9. Mr. West

    Age of sigmar

    Really, these 'Chapters' of Stormcast Whatsoevers just did it for me ... yeah ... and Sigmar is the God Emperor of Mankind. Mixing up the fluff of both WHFB and 40k now. And to all the 40k players out there .... guess who's next to be a victim of the new 'simplified and community friendly...
  10. Mr. West

    Age of sigmar

    'Bloodsecrator' Sounds like a new movie with Jean-Claude Van Damme and Steven Seagal ... Nah, seriously now, someone needs to call down the police on them for violating the english language.
  11. Mr. West

    Age of sigmar

    Yeah, I thought a lot about that as well. It'll probably be quite like our sandbox games we had with our MotU toys in 1982. :| Otherwise, like you put it yourself .... game of chicken:
  12. Mr. West

    Age of sigmar

    *leansback* *sipswhiskey* *writeseightheditionarmylists*
  13. Mr. West

    Age of sigmar

    Well, the complete set of four pages of rules has leaked (not just some blurry phone pics), as have the so-called 'Warscrolls'. I'm neither going to start a rant here, nor will I comment on these new 'rules'. It's an entirely new game, that has close to nothing to do with WHFB. There is a tiny...
  14. Mr. West

    1000pts Undead Legions Army vs Dwarfs (my 1st List)

    At a mere 1.000 pts. I'd normally focus on a single hero level vampire. Talisman of Preservation as mandatory equipment, like Sen pointed out. But ... since he'll bring the Master Rune of Valaya (+4 to dispel), you might want to change tactics and build a list around a level 4 Master...
  15. Mr. West

    Our Buss and the change in the metta

    Really ? Sure, the metagame has changed in certain regards due to the increase in allowance for lord level characters to 50%, but I haven't seen anyone in particular trying to counter a 'blender' lord build. Nor have I seen an increase in death stars. If anything, the contrary has been the case...
  16. Mr. West

    WHFB Dark Elves - Army for sale

    Final bump before this lot will go the ebay route.
  17. Mr. West

    Trade: 3 unbuild Imperial Guard Chimeras

    Bumping this for one last time before the car park goes up on ebay.
  18. Mr. West

    Can 9th just come out already?

    This. Very much this. A skirmish game would work very well with square bases as well, it only depends on the rulesset. After all, Mordheim never had any issues using square bases and it kept the models compatible with your WHFB armies. As for doom & gloom predictions, I strongly feel that...
  19. Mr. West

    WHFB Dark Elves - Army for sale

    Army needs to go, so shoot me an offer.
  20. Mr. West

    W: Cursed Company Lizardmen H: lots!

    Sorry for not being around, but the GF and I took a spontaneous vacation after the Easter weekend, and boy did it feel good to exist without internet for a while ... So, the undead Lizardman has been painted in a simple bone-coloured scheme and appropriately based. It's how I acquired him...