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  1. Mr. West

    Death Mask TK Build & Arkhan (TK) Question

    Just a couple quick questions in regards to traditional Tomb Kings characters: 1.) Would this specific Tomb King build be viable in ... a.) ... a pure melee-centric TK list ? b.) ... a scream-oriented UL list ? Tomb King, Light Armour, Great Weapon, Dragonhelm, Golden Death...
  2. Mr. West

    WHFB Dark Elves - Army for sale

    Greetings fellow necromancers and molesters of corpses ! I've decided to part with one of my current WHFB army projects, since I can't seem to find the time anymore to tend to all of them. Well, maybe I could, but truth be told, my Horus Heresy Legion list is consuming most of my spare time...
  3. Mr. West

    Trade: 3 unbuild Imperial Guard Chimeras

    Well, as the topic title says, I've got three unused and unassembled Imperial Guard / Astra Militarum Chimera transports, still on sprue. They somehow never made into the ranks of my inquisitorial detachment, so I'd be happy if someone would find a use for them. I'm not looking for anything...
  4. Mr. West

    Dwarfs 1.250 Pts.

    We're having a little 'bring-some-army-you-never-played-before' session in between years with friends. Let's see ... which armies didn't I ever had a chance to command before ... Lizardmen, Ogres, Dwarfs ... and that's about it. So, I decided to give the little barrel-chested beardlings a go...
  5. Mr. West

    Triumph & Treachery

    Triumph & Treachery - Multiplayer Battles and Mercenaries in Warhammer .. is obviously the title for the next expanision to be added to WHFB, as featured on the cover of the November WD. Anyone got any actual news / rumours on this ?
  6. Mr. West

    Skaven: Banner o.t. Under-Empire

    Very simple question I guess: Are wounds caused by the Banner of the Under-Empire figured into Combat Resolution ? If so, that thing is just horribly underpriced.
  7. Mr. West

    Naestra and Arahan ... on a Great Eagle ?

    Well, this obviously regards the two elvin' brats and their favourite mount. Whilst they're mounted on the Wood Dragon, everything seems to work out just fine. Shooting / ranged attack hits are randomized first between monster and rider and then between the two bi... uhm brats. But ... how...
  8. Mr. West

    Looking for: Morathi

    As the topic title implies, really. I'm looking for an unassembled Morathi model for a conversion work. Can be metal or finecast, but the later should have no misscast parts. I don't really need the dark pegasus she comes with, but will consider offers for a complete Morathi / pegasus deal as...
  9. Mr. West

    Want: Old Wood Elves Spearmen (metal)

    Well, as the topic title implies, I'm looking for some of the old Wood Elves metal spearmen models (I.E. not the Eternal Guard ones). Their plastic shields aren't required, Command models are not needed either, just the plain metal spearmen. Looking for 10 to 15 of these, but will also...
  10. Mr. West

    Gentlemen, some Beastmen queries if you would ...

    So, since our local WHFB league is becoming slightly stagnant at the moment due to some players not getting their games done in time, I'll be engaging in a couple friendly (if not semi-competitive) games with some buddies, swappping armies etc. Thus I'm looking forward to run some 1.250 to...
  11. Mr. West

    For trade or sale: Neferata

    Good Evening fellow WHFB- & VC players, Up for trade or sale this time is the so-called queen of the vampires, Neferata herself, first of the Lahmian bloodline and first vampiress in the fluff of WHFB whatsoever. Long OOP The miniature has never been used / painted / been to the gaming...