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  1. Noobafrass

    Out of combat before movement happens

    In a recent game, my Mortis engine inflicted the final wounds on a unit it was engaged with using its AOE ability that happens at the start of the turn. What happens now for the engine and what can it do on its turn now?
  2. Noobafrass

    Which Books Are Needed Most?

    Hey folks! I'm tossing this question specifically to the tournament players, but I"m interested in all answers. My local meta is small and we don't get much info from the "real world", so-to-speak. Which armies with non-8th edition books most need an update? Broken mechanics...
  3. Noobafrass

    Noobafrass's "Cannot Possibly Fail" Skaven Army Kills Itself While Ogres Watch

    Had a 2250pt game with a local friend last night. My skaven vs his ogres. It was tons of fun, even if it was (by pure-gaming standards) a terrible game. I definitely set myself up for failure by announcing before the game that I was bringing my "Cannot Possibly Fail" skaven army to this bout...
  4. Noobafrass

    Vs ogres and allocating attacks

    So we've recently had ogres introduced to our meta and I have to say, they are an interesting army with lots of interesting and cool stuff. Like the title suggests though, is thread is about the attack allocation. So, say a 3 wide unit of ogres is in combat with a 5 wide unit of anything...
  5. Noobafrass

    Impact Hits and Stomps

    Are they resolved at the model's strength before or after things like great weapons?
  6. Noobafrass

    Wanted: Older Edition Skaven Slaves/Clanrats

    I'm looking for slaves/clanrats from (I think) the 6th edition. I'm looking for 50, but am willing to do it piecemeal if I need to. The models should have hand weapons, not spears (If they are equipped with spears but you have the handweapons as well, that's fine). I don't care whether...
  7. Noobafrass

    Noobafrass's Vampire Rats!

    I've been a regular reader of a variety of paint logs here for a while, and I think it's time I got into this. First, a bit about me: This is my first year in the hobby so I'm still learning quite a bit about modelling, painting, and playing the game. The nice part about this is that each...
  8. Noobafrass

    Removing Paint from Plastic Models

    How do you all recommend to do this? What about old metal ones?
  9. Noobafrass

    Characters charging out of a unit

    Another question from tonight's game: A unit has 2 characters in it. Do both characters have the option to charge out? Or once the first one charges, does the 2nd character now count as "the unit" and is no longer permitted a charge as per BRB pg. 101?
  10. Noobafrass

    Shooting and units with characters

    You guys are always so wonderful with these questions. Had a game tonight and a few questions resulted from it. Here's one! A terrorgheist screams at a unit of ogres. It does 6 wounds. There are 3 models remaining in the unit: 2 bulls and a firebelly. 1 bull has only 1 wound remaining...
  11. Noobafrass

    So a Skaven Doomwheel fires at a some ogres...

    ...and assuming it doesn't misfire (HA!), what happens? Let's say for arguments sake that it rolls a 6 on the artillery dice. In other news, I played a game the other day with 2 doomwheels and a few weapons teams and rolled the artillery die 14 times over the course of the game. 13 of those...
  12. Noobafrass

    Who wants to kick my but?

    Looking for my 2nd game here. Somewhere 2000 - 2500 pts. Anybody interested? Primarily I'm looking to have a little fun and get a better grasp on the rules (I'm sure our local group doesn't play 100% correctly but we don't know where we aren't doing it right...obviously....or we'd have...
  13. Noobafrass

    Noobafrass (Tomb Kings) vs Zanos (Dark Elves)

    Here we go. Defined army and map set up. Looking forward to another epic noobfest Not a Gunline Tomb Kings Army Liche High Priest : Lvl 4 (Nehekara), Hierophant, Dispell Scroll Tomb Prince : Glittering Scales, Shield, Army General Tomb Prince : Armor of Destiny, Shield Tomb...
  14. Noobafrass

    WFO noob looking for a game

    I figure I'd best learn how all this works. Anybody interested in a game with a first-timer? 2500pts, no special characters, battle line scenarios would be my preference just to keep it simple
  15. Noobafrass

    Skaven Grey Seer with Warpstone Tokens

    Hey folks, I'm hoping some of you vampire players will be able to answer this. At the least, it's a solid story I was playing a game as skaven vs tomb kings. Things were not going well for my rats, but there was a ray of hope!. The TK player's heirophant (the one who keeps his army from...
  16. Noobafrass

    2k Points - First Go - Time for Tweaks

    I've just recently gotten enough models for a decent 2k points list - so I put one together and have had a few games with it. Thus far, I'm quite happy with it, but it's obvious that tweaks are needed. Some have already been made and are presented below, but my question is - what fits the...
  17. Noobafrass

    Painting and Assembling a Terrorgheist

    Hey all, I've recently purchased a terrorgheist and the pictures don't do the model justice. There is so much great detail, so many layers, and just so much to like (I particularly like the skulls and bones in the exposed stomach). I'm loathe to fully assemble it before painting just...
  18. Noobafrass

    Other Trickster's Shard, Ranked Infantry, and Parry Save

    How does these interact? OTS only affects *models* in base contact, but let's say a Vampire with OTS is in a unit of skeletons with HW/S, who all get parry saves...
  19. Noobafrass

    Ethereal Movement

    You folks are always so helpful on these questions. Thank you in advance 1: Can units with ethereal movement charge through buildings or LOS-blocking terrain? It is my understanding that you need LOS in order to charge so I would think no but....I've been wrong many times 2: How do...
  20. Noobafrass

    Vamp on Dragon Kit

    Does the GW kit of a vamp lord on a zombie dragon/gheist come with the ability to make a vampire on foot instead of mounted? The product description says it comes with a 20x20 base and I cant imagine why it would if this isn't the case, but wanted to ask