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    Closing door and multiple units

    today we had a situation occur where i wanted to charge with my knight to executioners and the harpies were blocking, but the executioners also had the same distance so I would clip both executioners and harpies at the same time here is a rough picture of the situation note the spirit host...
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    Lookout Sir!

    If i have lets say 5 modles and one of them is a musician will my necro get a lookout sir in the unit ? my friend says yes and i disagree... where is the info so I can prove him wrong ? or is it me who is wrong?
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    1200 point tournament army

    Hello fanglings. I have a 1200 point tournament that I am going to register Comps: - no lord level characters and no specials - tablesize 48"*48" - 5 turns The army that I have masterminded so far lookslike: Characters 293 points General Vampire lvl 1 lore of vamps Heavyarmor...
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    Bloodcrushers of Khorne

    Hmm... which one trumps which old errata or newer book? as If you want to be an ass when playing vs the Khorne bloodcrushers just refer to the faq and errata profile found on GW's site...
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    500 point tournament army

    OK, at my local game store there will be held a weekend tourney with 500 point armies. rules as follow: no special characters no ethereals normal rules for building armies no units of consisting over 25 models including characters deployment: table size 40 cm * 80 cm 14" apart after...
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    Terrorgheists and placing

    when deploying troops and you know you are going to face 4 cannons, should the terrorgheists be placed vertically minimazing the amount of the area the cannon can hit? As per moving a solo monster can pivot on its place as many times as it wishes. Ie. placing the terrorgheist sideways...
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    Charging, maximazing?

    if i charge with a for example a vargulf to a troop of warriors can i deliberatly choose to charge the unit so that only the edge of the vargulf is touching the unit ie for a 5 wide unit?
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    2400 point tournament list, need advice

    I have upcoming "mirror" match against anopther VC player and would like to hear your suggestions how to play and what are the key points in the game armies as follow. this is a tournament game so i am not allowed to make any modifications to my army as he is neither. how wide should i...
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    Screaming banner

    this is a mathematical and gameplay effecting item for just 25 points everybody knows how much it can change the outcome of the fight if and when the opponent is reduced to ws1 Now for the mathematical part could some math wiz whip up a table that what is the percentual advantage of...
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    Unit Sizes

    zombies have the rule unitsize 20+ so does that mean that there must be 20 or more zombies? what if necromancer is fielded in the same unit thus making 19 zombies + 1 necromancer a 20+ unit is this legal?
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    Choosing spells

    when rolling for spells lets say a level 4 rolls 4,4,2,1 then as double 4 came up i can choose 1 spell i'll choose spell number 3 can i then trade the other roll of 4 for invocation leaving me so that i don't have to take the raise dead spell?
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    2000 point army

    I'm fairly new to warhammer and have been using this build i think it fares decently where we play. I would enjoy having some comments about the setup. We mainly play a 2000 point games so i don't feel comfortable to take a 500 point vampire lord... Master necromancer, Lore of vampires General...
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    Charge and Flee?

    charging an enemy movement 4 and rolling 6 equals 10" , the foe decides to flee rolls 3 but is out of the charge range... does it equal a failed charge or can i move my unit the full 10" even thoguh it did not catch the fleeing foe...? tried to look up it from the BRB but did not find a...