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    bat swarm grave guard combo?

    If you had a terror causing model and you outnumbered the enemy, then wraiths would get a nice "level up" bonus inside units (wraithwall spearskeles the new hot stuff)
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    9th edition rumours

    I would like to see cannons having same principle as steam tanks... you load from 1-3 amount of black powder which propels the cannon ball 1 load equals 20 inches , strength 6 2 wounds 2 loads equals 35 inches, strength 8 d3+1 wounds 3 loads equals 45 inches, strength 10 d6 wounds...
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    9th edition rumours

    from rules wise I wish the rider would get the save from the mount, meaning our corpse carts and the dreaded coven throne actually see the gameplay, as they qould be a way to spare 45 points as they would confer saves... and cannonballs / throwers would always hit the mount... no randomisation...
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    2 Terrorgiest or is that a bit silly?

    Nope... its more likely they get knocked out of the table vs almost any enemy than other vc or beastmen... some chances with woc's Elfs = shooting and a lot of magic Empire, dwarfs C.dwarfs = the amount of warmachines is absurd Brets = flaming arrows and trebutchets TK = the light array +...
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    Vampire Counts - 9th Edition - What do you think?

    I feel bad mostly for the pure goblin player in our area... sure the lore of little waagh is nice all around but when goblin mages are dirt cheap, having two lvl 4 mages results in a situtaion of what to do now as I have no option of magic anymore... he has a army of 3000 points almost...
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    Fluffy Change to make Core better!

    no one fears the zombies, they much more raise laughter at battle field... they should have a rule "Slippery slope: unit that destroyed zombies can only overrun 1d6 due to the slippery bodies of zombies underneath them"
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    2 Terrorgiest or is that a bit silly?

    The problem usually is that VC has hard time of getting the 1st turn advantage because of the amount of units generally placed on the table. And 1 cannon just grazing the Tbat results a 200 point monster becoming a banshee with a large template easily... sure you can heal him up... but...
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    Fluffy Change to make Core better!

    give zombies a 6+ regen, but make them have a counter rule "killing blowed by a 5+" so rolling a 5+ would "decapitate" them making no use of of 6+ regen, or make them S2 T4 Skellies are there where they should be, only the ws2 sucks monkeyballs with the 8th edition of "rerolls and imunes"...
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    2 Terrorgiest or is that a bit silly?

    It was calculated in warseer or in somewhere else that 2 cannons have a 55% chance of killing a 50*50 6 wound model in one turn... so the chances just go up for a 100*150 model, though the 50*50 model didnt have any save...
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    Black Coach better than Expected?

    Just hope that the 9th edition sheds a lil light for chariots like making them able to march, or something along the ogre charge where enough result on the charge roll guarantees extra hits / higher strength on impacts... or add +1 impacts if scythes on riders like it used to be... on the...
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    3000 pt army for casual battles, need advice

    I have a 2999 point tournament going fielding a A lvl 4 vampire lord with heavy armor shield , QB, RF, talisman of preservation, ogreblade @ 499 Necro lvl 4 death, with powerstone and talisman of andurance @ 250 have found out making it much more easier to dispel as you can opt out...
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    Team Ireland ETC - Vampire Counts (looking for critique)

    You have an extra 92 points in core which i Would drop in a heartbeat. Your lvl 1 vampire BSB has no armor / shield making him a prime target in closecombat for extra 100 vp, I would drop the lvl 2 from one necroes to get something to back the vamp up, as now even 12 ws3 str3 attacks drop him...
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    Curse of Anraheir Update

    cast the anraheir to cavalry and compare it to flamecage, or anything that has armour...
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    Vampire Counts - 9th Edition - What do you think?

    was hoping for the other lores option as I can bet the lore of death gets a real spanking in terms of usability in 9th edition, making our necroes options of lores even more lackluster... if the winds of magic wont be more reliable in 9th then vamps will get the short end of the stick... a...
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    Vampire Counts - 9th Edition - What do you think?

    where are the saves, like ward, regen or even armour saves in vampire powers? Our general goes always by the 4++... but the small vamps might find it useful if you could get a 6++ for 15-20 points, or even a 5++ for 30-35 points making them more survival and you could dish out the 50 magic...
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    New Wood Elves inbound.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9CObNRPFWw nice trailer for Woodies. About "fishmen" just make their stats above original ex. M5, WS4, BS4, S4, T4, W1, I4, A2, LD8 then make it so they suffer a -1 modifier to all stats (excepts wounds) on land, but in spells categories should be like...
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    Necromancy Spells

    Actually, I like to roll my lvl 2 before my lvl 4 becouse it raises the chances of getting most wanted spell VHD to a whopping 98,5% and you dont have no possiböe way to be forced to take the VHD on the lvl 2 caster...
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    New Dwarves

    played a few games vs the new dwarves and we have had a complete chage of pace by allowing one unit from the chaos dwarf book... sure... its the broken K'daii destroyer but allowing dwarfs to take a real center piece, nicely crafted rules wise monster makes them completetly different army...
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    Closing door and multiple units

    today we had a situation occur where i wanted to charge with my knight to executioners and the harpies were blocking, but the executioners also had the same distance so I would clip both executioners and harpies at the same time here is a rough picture of the situation note the spirit host...
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    Wight King's LD and a Necro as General?

    just make the wight king a BSB and problem solved...