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  1. Timothias

    Lords of Sacrament and Despair - List for NiCON16 (SCGT rules)

    List preparation for the North Island Wargaming Convention here in New Zealand. We use using the SCGT rules, but with slightly smaller pool limits (deploy 80/120, instead of 100/150). Warband (Deployed Force): 1 x Arkhan the Black (1) = 20 1 x Necromancer (1) = 4 1 x Wight King with Black Axe...
  2. Timothias

    Konrad's Red Fury

    Red Fury: Roll a dice after resolving any attacks with Konrad. If the result is less than the number of models he slew in that phase, he immediately piles in and attacks again. RAW, we kept reading this and thinking that he could potentially keep piling in over and over in the same phase. And...
  3. Timothias

    Base Sizes for the Age of Sigmar

    Hi all, I have a fairly sizeable Undead army waiting in boxes, on sprues, for the Age of Sigmar to kick off. I would like to start getting into putting it all together, but wanted to canvas the community for some advice on which rounds/ovals to use. I appreciate that I am free to continue to...
  4. Timothias

    Tim's Undead Gallery

    Hi all, I have an Empire Army (of Nuln) but have recently got back into Undead, which was my first army from back in the day. Here are the completed models:
  5. Timothias

    End Times: Arena of Death

    Hi all, My friends and I recently completed a painting competition. At the end of it we decided to stage an Arena of Death event, loosely based around the advent of the End Times. My character was Nagash so see below to find out how he fared! This report is also seen on my blog. ***...
  6. Timothias

    Undead Legion List Ideas

    I haven't played undead for a long time (been playing Empire for the last few years), and am now enjoying the opportunity to start collecting from BOTH VC and TK. Has anyone started considering some of the cool combinations that are possible now, or had a go an putting a conceptual list...