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  1. Sphynx

    First Battle -Against- Blood Keep

    Ouch.... Last night's game was vs Blood Keep! Check this out. 10 knights with 2 characters. A Vampire Lord and a Vampire BSB. 10 Blood Knights with Full Command and Flag of Blood Keep Vampire BSB with Dread Knight and Walking Death with Regen Banner Vampire Lord, level 3 Wiz Dread Knight with...
  2. Sphynx

    Magic Armour on Vampires

    I was going through the new-ish lists on the forum and noticed a LOT of Vampire characters have Magic Armour illegally. Was there a Errata or something I missed somewhere that let Vampires take Magic Armour without taking Avatar of Death or Dread Knight first? If not, page 121 of the Big Red...
  3. Sphynx

    Blood Dragon Converts to new book

    This was my old list: Blood Dragon Vampire LordLevel 3 WizardZombie DragonBlood DrinkerMaster StrikeDependant on Army FacedStrength of SteelEnchanted ShieldOrHeart PiercingShieldWraithBarded Ethereal NightmareCursed Book14 units of 5 Dire Wolves (70 Dire Wolves)4 units of 5 Fell Bats (20 Fell...
  4. Sphynx

    Overrun Tactica

    I just wanted to post a quick tactic I love using with my army of Wolves. When facing something that would be difficult for my lone Vampire Lord to take down, I lime my wolves up for over-run charges. I took a unit of Inner Circle Knights with what I assume was a War Banner and +2 ranks (a...
  5. Sphynx

    Sphynx the Player

    Greetings, I'm Sphynx the role-player. Although my VC army-list is considered 'cheese' by most people, it will never change because I like role-playing and my VC army is based on a 'character'. I started Vampire Counts the day the book came out in 6th edition. I'm a Wood Elf player (still)...
  6. Sphynx

    2000 Blood Dragon

    Greetings, I'm posting my Army List purely as an introductory, not for suggestions. I know how 'horrible' the list is, and despite that enjoy a much higher win than loss ratio with it (about 3 to 1), and I can't even remember the last time my General was killed. This is my VC army, it will...