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    Is this thing still on? If so, looking for a 1k friendly game.

    Haven't seen much action in this thread, or any at all; and was curious if it was defunct or not. If it stil wrks, I'd love to get a game. A friendly game would be appreciated, by that I mean tone-wise. I need to get my head around the rules, and would like a light-hearted game whilst I get...
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    Regarding overrun?

    So I was wondering (as I'm still building my army) how people are using their chaff units since the April FAQ's new stance on crumbling: "Q: If a unit charges into combat and, on the turn it charges, the last of the enemy unit it is fighting are removed as casualties due to Daemonic...
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    Take my collection and make it unto an army

    So, I just got myself a nice collection of basic models, and I was hoping that I could get a few suggestions on what to do with them. The collection so far: 1 Vampire 2 Necromancers 80 Zombies 40 Skellingtons 20 Ghouls 10 Dire Wolves 20 plastic Grave Guard 40 old metal Grave Guard 2 Corpse...
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    Blah everyone! (That is how vampires talk, right?) Anyways. Finally got around to revisiting WHFB (haven't played much since 7th ed) and I decided that the smart move was of course to play VC. After all, when armies march to war, only the undead truly win. I'm looking forward to getting...