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  1. Harland

    Triple posts

    At first I thought this was an isolated issue to do with one person's internet, but that it's happened twice (here and here) I'm guessing it is actually a bug. (all though it could still be people mashing the post button due to lag). Note: the latter is actually a quadruple post. phwoar.
  2. Harland

    Word bug?

    @Raven Torrid has pointed out that the word "te:silent:t" is changed to the word "Name" (with new lines) when you submit the post. I've just tested this: As you can see I've had to be sneaky to get the word into this post at all. I guess it's the default for some sort of word replacement...
  3. Harland

    New Chat!

    So CN's back online and fresher than ever, and with a new chat to boot! And new chat means new thread, so here we are. You know the drill, any time you feel lonely and want someone to talk to, post here and remind people that the undying party is just a click away. The one true king of the...
  4. Harland

    New Year's Resolutions

    So, what are everyone's resolutions for 2014? I have two primary objectives, one long term and one short term: 1. Lose some weight. Unoriginal, I know - but I know it will help me feel better about myself and get some confidence! I've got a gym within walking distance, and I just need...
  5. Harland

    The Christmas Episode (Doctor Who Spoilers!)

    One word Epic Darvy incoming in 3... 2... 1...
  6. Harland

    Carpe Noctem climbs Africa

    So, as a few of you may know, tomorrow morning I am leaving my cosy British household and striking out for Tanzania, where I will climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa. Hence the title. What none of you know, is that I am raising money for charity while I do it! The charity in...
  7. Harland

    Magic: The Gathering

    I thought I'd start a topic on my primary hobby because I'm guessing that there could be a few mtg players on here - Warhammer and Magic seem like pretty similar hobbies to me. So, any Planeswalkers among you? Do you play casually or competitively? What sort of decks are you currently...
  8. Harland

    TVC II Supplemental Chapter 4.5: a Feast Fit for a Bat

    Roland gathered the innards and stuffed them into a strange, drawskin back, then hung that bag on the spit. Next, he set about deboning the carcass. The blade flashed and blurred between his fingers, glimmering in the flickering firelight. Within minutes, a pile of glistening bones lay, neatly...
  9. Harland

    VAU Reference: The Arousing and Fantastical Tale of Anita Jacqueouff

    Anyonio Veneziia (Malochai) status: Vampire Sir Sigmund Muller (Get of W'soran) Karl Longarm (Johnny-Crass) status: Human Bastion Eberbauer (Harland) status: Host's Ear (Human) Serethia Nightheir (Shareya) Status: lover (Antonio) Caleb Incrediblyposh (Wolfen) Markus/Kate Rosenberg (Bounce)...
  10. Harland

    Elder Scrolls Online

    I just made a mess on my keyboard. http://youtu.be/VHj5VvFWbtE
  11. Harland

    10 rules of survival: The adventures of a sassy merchant

    Bastion's eyes flashed open. His eyes flicked to the left. Then, to the right. He sat bolt upright. "Ooh, I survived," he said, "Brilliant. I love it when I do that." He held up his hands, furrowed his eyebrows, then rubbed his hands all over his face. He sighed, and took a yellowed and very...
  12. Harland

    Off Topic

    Here, you can talk about whatever you feel like talking about. Tangents are encouraged. If it crosses the line, it's normal. Oh god, a geometry pun... what have I become...
  13. Harland

    Who shall ruleth the chat?

    The kingdom is in dispute! Your wise and just leader, Harland, who has only ever looked upon you with benign magnanimosity, is in danger of being usurped - by none other than the foul, abhorrent, despicable, pernicious, abominable and downright horrid Shareya, a which so treacherous that she...
  14. Harland

    TVC II OOC Carriages

    For ease of reference: Carriage 1 Roland Faust Carriage 2 (full) Morturion Nimrais Elanor Morturion's Wight-King Bodyguard Carriage 3 Anya Dieter Mikhail On foot Alastor Ezra We should all fit at 4 to a carriage. It would probably be best if the guards and npcs went in other carriages.
  15. Harland

    Stewart the Skeleton

    This is the tale of two friends - a skeleton, called Stewart :skull:, and a zombie.... called Rob :zombie:. For many years, they both lived a happy un-childhood in a small church graveyard. But, as they developed into young un-adults, Rob began to get restless - he wanted to see the world...
  16. Harland

    CN inaccessable

    Just for reference in case it was unexpected (i.e. not due to maintenance), but CN was unaccessable for a few hours this afternoon - the DNS server didn't load or something, I didn't check the error message in detail. I was aware of it from 4.00 - 5:45, but it could well have been happening some...
  17. Harland

    (a) Great Debate: Latin vs. Greek

    The middle is often equivalent to Latin deponent verbs. For example: video - I see videor - I am see or videor - I seem Basically that. However, WE HAVE AN ACTIVE PAST PARTICIPLE.
  18. Harland

    CN Chat

    I have realised why the chat is a graveyard without bones. We forget about it. My evidence for this is that whenever there is a new thread about the chat, there is a sudden spike in chatters - people get 'reminded' of it, if you will. Therefore I have created this thread as a permanent...
  19. Harland

    Matt Ward - Hero or Villain?

    ah yes, I heard about him. Not sure what he did, but I know it was bad.
  20. Harland

    CN stopped working

    For a period of time just now CN stopped working completely - the pages just wouldn't load. It's fine now, but I was wondering if it was happening to anyone else.