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  1. Emicrania

    1st End Times 3000 vs HE & DE

    So I'm finally being dragged into this mad End Times stuff,I got a pretty thought match ahead and I'd like some tips I don't remember if the CC have any utility against the elves and if there are any more rules about the end times books than the 50% heroes and lords, so please if I'm wrong just...
  2. Emicrania

    Crypt or chapel unit filler

    Hi guys! I'm going to make my life a bit harder (cause is never enough hard) cause I decided to build up a building with plasticard or anything similar as wood or papier mâché or whatever is easy to use and cheap I have no experience whatsoever, any tips,even the silliest is welcomed. The unit...
  3. Emicrania

    Airbrush problem(s)!

    Hi there! after a couple of weeks pause i restarted to paint yesterday and,with my horror,i discovered my aibrush got a LOT of problem! i have a IWATA NEO CN 0.35 1)some paint got clogged and i have really hard time remove it with cotton tip or a brush. 2)the trigger get stucked on blowing and...
  4. Emicrania

    2000 pts vs dwarves

    Hi there,Friday I have a match vs the most experienced and,I gotta say, fairer player in the group. This time is gonna play dwarves and considering last time has been a disaster vs dwarves even thoght the other player sucked... This is my idea so far: Vamp lord Lov 1, HA,shield,OTS,ogre...
  5. Emicrania

    Help needed: stone,wood,rust

    Hihihi! I'm stressing myself to push as fast as possible the painting so we can start the Sigmar's Blood campaign. I did a couple of test but I'm not really satisfied with the result. If anybody can help would be really kind. Also you get a like,a cotton candy,a zombie energy bar and a COOKIE...
  6. Emicrania

    The marvelous army of the migraine!

    So...is it time for me to make this plog so I'm motivated to keep painting. I have been playn for almost 16 years,in and out,and I never had a painted army. But this time I decided to paint and collect ALL the VC army before the end of the year...let's see what the hell happens. After sneaking...
  7. Emicrania

    ending Escalation 2000

    So! Finally the first tournament with the VC is ending and I'm in a pretty good position. After a terrible start I'm going better and better,thru some awesome victory with the HE and DE and some horrible defeat vs the empire and the dwarves... However 2 matches are left and this is my final...
  8. Emicrania

    Sigmar's Blood

    Hi there! I don't know if this is the right subforum,if not,my apologize Me and a guy in my group have decided to start the campaign in the book but I have no idea how does it work and if need to buy new stuff. If anybody played it and have any kind of reviews at all just holla at me! Cheers :D
  9. Emicrania

    Painting tutorials

    Are the painting tutorials coming back?! I m painting my 50-60th zombies and once I'm done to 90 I'm moving to the skeletons, but I need to know how to do them!
  10. Emicrania

    Escalation 1600 Vs ?

    The escalation tournament got a speed on due summertime vacation and people dropping off like flies... However i ain't going nowhere (no vacation untill september -.-) and finally i got control back of the campaign. Yesterday i WASTED the HE on 1200 pts even thought to me they seems the most OP...
  11. Emicrania

    beaten but not broken ,escalation 1400 HE

    So....yesterday I played the escalation league for 1200 and I got beaten pretty bad. My mistake to leave a TG in front of a organ cannon plus really bad deployment and a lack of training did it for me. I also misscasted twice and killed my vampire with it before he even got in combat and lost 4...
  12. Emicrania

    Escalation 1200 vs HE

    Hi there! My escalation is going on slow but this weekend I'll finally meet a new adversary. I know he usually plays one or 2 ballista, the mage on a drake and a block of those mother***** with the banner of ultracheese. This is my list to counter; Lords 190 Master necro LoV 3 with earthing rod...
  13. Emicrania

    Starting the army process

    Hi there! I finally got my package from Wayland games! Those stuff plus other 30 zeds,20 "gg",20 ghouls,40 skelly,20 wolves,a vampire,@ SH and 2 BS form finally some kind of stabile army. I've been playing for long time but I never managed to get my whole army painted and play with it. I...
  14. Emicrania

    Legacy of Kain + Dark Omen O_o

    Hi there ! i was wondering if somebody is old( and grey :scared: ) enough to rember those titles and if there is any game out there even close to that darkness and coolness those game had. Even turn based game or any other fatansy games are welcome. After total War 2 it seems impossible to...
  15. Emicrania

    aaaand the tournament goes on..

    ...and we came to 1200 pts next weekend, hopefully Wayland games will be so kind to let me have the mini before that date so I can test the list which is..: Lords Master Necro lvl 3 LoV ER 190 Heroes blender LoV lvl 1 HA,ES,SoM,ToE,QB 189 Core Wolf x 5 Wolf x 5 Zeds x 20 banner...
  16. Emicrania

    The screaming legion of Sylvania!

    Hi there, meanwhile my tournament slowly proceed,I think I have too much time in my hands and I came up with this insane idea of a screaming list. I miss some pts to fill it so is enough open to changes. However the theme is ethereal and screaming motherf.... All over the field. One question...
  17. Emicrania

    How to heal your units with Invocation of Nehenek and the Lore Attribute.

    Hi there! So, i've been doing some research,making some notes,playn some games and gathered some info. All i can say,there is a LOT of confusion out there! So for this i decided to make this post and maybe be helped to understand better this fantastic english language and even more,this...
  18. Emicrania

    To Challenge or Not to Challenge

    Hi there, yesterday we played a 6 man (ofc man....) ,3 groupsgame with the expansion book , treasure and treachery if im right. Pretty cool but gotta play it a bit more before decide. However I was playn with a more experienced player and suggested me one thing. to challenge a big block of...
  19. Emicrania

    Master Necro and his minions

    Hi there, I finally started to use a master necro in my army and,even though i managed only to raise zombie here and there,he is well worted his points. I have a tactical qustion thougt,yesterday in a friendly game 1000 pts vs TK i managed to have something like 45 zeds in his bunker and...
  20. Emicrania

    2000 pts final tournament list/grocery list

    Hi there, as somebody might know already im playng an escalation tournament that pushed me t start the Vc. I am kind of new with the army and I am learning and buying at the sams time. The end of the tournament will be in july and the final pts are 2000. All I have is the mantic basic bundle...