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  1. Novium

    Rob Hawkins' Nagash conversion

    How that avoided me must remain a mystery. Well, anyways; it's an awesome blog; all done with clean and subtle transitions. Respect.
  2. Novium

    Rob Hawkins' Nagash conversion

    Got a few pics of other units in this theme? Because this is just lovely.
  3. Novium

    The Lost Bloodlines of the Vampire Counts.

    The whole "severing"-thing sure makes the whole "Nagash, enemy of chaos" thing work out in recent lore. They should have upplayed that a bit so Newhammers knew more about this juicy bit of backstory. Anyone care to outline the differances between the "Poisoned cup" and the Elixir of Life?
  4. Novium

    Revenge of the Three-Word-Story!

    Summoned by intoxicated
  5. Novium

    Not all Vampires are evil (Or are they?)

    Genevieve is a very good example. Surprised nobody has mentioned Ulrika yet however.
  6. Novium

    Jim's refurb.

    Absolutely. Most are unable to stand on their own at the moment. I plan to use Garden of Morr walls (might be skull-pass....) and cut them into parts of five that the wolves are passing over or besides to fix that. I recall having seen this solution before and liking the overall effect, more...
  7. Novium

    Jim's refurb.

    Yea, you know thosethick plates that the wolves have at the base of their feet? Those. Its actually very simple work Lethiel. I just used blending with white to the blue on a black base. Repeated with green and brown. The moons are very dilluted droplets of white color just allowed to dry...
  8. Novium

    Jim's refurb.

    Thanks :) The theme hit when I read the new rules for grave guard shields; and as mine is a vampire-heavy army (the female ones have roses all over...) it really needed to reconnect to that somehow. I really need a photo-booth of some kind so that they appear more like IRL. Blur really takes...
  9. Novium

    That is not dead which can be eternally painted anew.

    That is not dead which can be eternally painted anew.
  10. Novium

    Jim's refurb.

    So, after getting out of the loop for a few years I find that I have a ton of old meh-painted models that could need a bit of brush-up. Kicked off by reading up our new "temporary" rules and just snickering in disgust. Then, what the hell. 8th will be there anytime I want to play it. Just like...