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  1. Z

    Spirit Hosts?

    In units of 2 they can tie up the even very large units for most of the game, potentially even winning and running them down.
  2. Z

    All Cav VC army challenge

    I'd like to follow up with some thank-you's. I took a force based on the above with 5x units of 5 wolves, 10x black knights, 10x black knights, 5x blood knights (flag, musician), 20 zombies, banner & musician, 50 skeletons w/ full command & flaming banner, 1 unit of 2 spirit hosts, & red-fury...
  3. Z

    Invocation of Nehek on Blood Knights

    When I started reading this thread, I was totally against raising multiple Blood Knights. However, by RAW, and the fact that cavalry were previously under-powered, I think that the FAQ will end up siding with raising multiples. For multi-wound vampiric units, you'll be limited to adding either...
  4. Z

    All Cav VC army challenge

    Ugh, book still hasn't arrived from my FLGS... <sigh> So, I hear that bumping up the vamp to level 4 is 105 points? Any chance of dropping those points and getting a "Prophetess of Death" (ie 4th level Necro on a steed)? I'm also considering dropping most of the direwolves for a unit of 50...
  5. Z

    All Cav VC army challenge

    Thanks! Zombies/skeletons are fair game. After all brets have men at arms. Are the blood knights worth it now, or would I be better off with more black knights or something else?
  6. Z

    All Cav VC army challenge

    Ok, so I've got LOTS of Black Knights (Lances and Barding), 5 Blood knights, 40+ Direwolves, and 10 Hex Wraiths. 2200 points with a Cursed Bretonnian army feel to it. I don't have the book yet, and I'm dying to come up with an army to field for a tournament in 2-3 weeks. No new 8th ed...
  7. Z

    Ockham's Mindrazor

    Perhaps a little mathematical perspective is necessary. But first..... Aramoro obviously doesn't have this perspective or he wouldn't be arguing with what seems to be the entire rest of the board. For those joining this conversation, it is a MINORITY OPINION that the unit cannot use the...
  8. Z

    Forbidden Lore + MotBA + Power Scroll

    It's not that "at tournaments it's ok to do anything", but instead "at tournaments, you're going to see lots of people with different play-styles", which means that if it's imaginable, then you're probably going to see it. If it's talked about a lot, then you're definitely going to see it...
  9. Z

    Forbidden Lore + MotBA + Power Scroll

    I don't think that the combination makes VC competitive. Indeed, I don't think that VC are competitive in general. Until we start to get new books, the #6 spells are going to make or break games in the tournament scene. They don't always work, but when they do they can and will determine the...
  10. Z

    Ard Boyz Results

    Actually I counted on it, and simply put ward saves on my casters. Most of the time I TRIED to get MIFCast! I also think that it's probably the only way to play VC competitively. That being said, you've pretty well summed up how I feel about Vampire Counts in general in this edition. We...
  11. Z

    Effective Core Build?

    I've actually fielded them 15 wide at times to reduce casualties from Empire mortars. That many Ghouls are effective as long as they are 10 wide or more.
  12. Z

    Ard Boyz Results

    @Forge, Surprisingly, the first mission didn't do anything to me. I figured I might as well "go big or go home" and I was correct. The short deployment zone meant that I was able to slam into my opponent early, and the the improved ability to cast with IF meant that I knew that it wasn't...
  13. Z

    Some thoughts on competitive army listing.

    I build my armies so big that I see building "uber competetive" lists to be an excuse to expand. I'm up to over 100 ghouls at this point. I've got 26 black knights, 55 Grave Guard, 42 Direwolves, etc. The point is that I've been playing so long that I've got all models to field the cheese...
  14. Z

    Purple sun of zereus

    Having played in Ard Boyz, I've got this to say about Purple Sun. 1) It's actually not as powerful as everyone makes it out to be. Against certain armies it's a game winner if you can get it off and not get sucked into the warp doing so. 2) If you put a lot of effort into making it happen...
  15. Z

    Ard Boyz Results

    Well, I'm back from Ard Boyz. I finished 6th. First game against empire. He deployed way forward, and I got first turn. You should have seen the shock on his face when I charged his big knight unit with 53 ghouls, and 2 cannons with Hellsteed vampires on turn 1! He wanted to concede, but I...
  16. Z

    Ard Boyz Results

    Well the scenarios are out, and it looks like they tried to bone Vampire Counts errr... I mean magic heavy armies. Isn't that just wonderful! I mean we have pathetic, over-costed troops, our characters are not as good in combat as most other books, we have virtually no shooting, and now they...
  17. Z

    Rule clarification for Black coach

    Well stated Lord Fear. People who actually play the game with a wide range of people have to be reasonable knowing that the game designers do NOT try to put Easter Eggs like this into the game system. They do what they think is their best to write a compelling game without adding 512 pages...
  18. Z

    Rule clarification for Black coach

    Which means that the Evocation will likely NEVER be used in the opponents magic phase, and seldom in one's own magic phase, which is clearly not the intent. Further, by the same logic one could claim that you could roll the dice before channeling, or perhaps even after you've rolled one of the...
  19. Z

    Core choice Horde Choice

    The inspiring presence rule states that you use the generals leadership instead of their own. It doesn't say when, why, how much, just that it's done. There are plenty of other situations that specify unmodified, this isn't one of them. I think this is (Internet wide at least) the most...
  20. Z

    vampire battery

    I have disagreed with Stelek plenty but at least I have the courtesy to do it on his blog. Sniping from a distance is pretty lame. If he even had a modicum of graciousness or humility, more people would go to the effort to "disagree" with him on his blog. As it stands, if you point out where...