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  1. Giladis

    Agram Arena Winter 2015 - 5/6 Dec. Croatian 9th Age GT

    Dear friends! The time has come for 13th annual Agram Arena Winter 2015 international tournament! The game played is Fantasy Battles: 9th Age! To be held on 05th and 06th of December 2015. in Gallery "Zvonimir", Bauerova 33, Zagreb, Croatia. Entry: FREE! Refreshing drinks for all players...
  2. Giladis

    Posting problem

    I have been trying to post the results I was TO that a VC player won but every time I hit the post button I get this >
  3. Giladis

    AGRAM ARENA WINTER 2013 - 7/8. Dec

    I am on the TO & Referee team so if you have any questions feel free to post them here as well. Cheers
  4. Giladis

    2.5K tournament army

    Greetings to you Lords and Ladies of the night! It took me a year but I will finally start to play in earnest with our new book (should have last year, but when the preparations for the ETC were dropped due to recession things came to a halt). What I will present bellow is an army that is...
  5. Giladis

    The Beast, the Knight and the Witch

    Hi there :Vampire1: As I have decided to use the VC as my main army for this year (or at least until the new HE AB arrives) I though it was only appropriate the write a piece of background for it. Cheers Artwork that partily inspired me while I was writing this story and in my mind...
  6. Giladis

    Picts posting oddity

    I am trying to post pics of my latest work and nothing has been moved or deleted from photobucked but they just won't show. https://www.vampirecounts.net/Thread-Vampire-Counts-of-Sudenmark--16492 The photo codes are copied directly from photobucked and I have tested them on Ulthuan and my...
  7. Giladis

    Road to the ETC - 2400 pts list

    This year I will be representing Croatia at the ETC with Vampire Counts so I am interested in the feedback from the VC community on the quality of the list I currently plan to take. As I figth my preparation games I will keep you posted on the progress. So fire away gentlemen and ladies of...
  8. Giladis

    Vampire Counts of Sudenmark

    I have a tournament coming up in one month with realy strict AC RULES and I am trying to make a functional list while staying true to my background. This is what I have come up with. The plan is to play a turtle formation and try and grind down the enemy.
  9. Giladis

    Vampire Counts of Sudenmark

    Last year I wanted to make a VC army but after doing just a little bit of work the skeleton models and some characters got transformed into a Barrow Kings(Tomb Kings) army for the ETC. Now I have returned to collect and play Vampire Counts. I am also under a deadline because there is a...
  10. Giladis

    Vampire Counts of Sudenmark

    More than three years ago I made the background story for my Vampire Count Drago. Much has changed since then and I have once more returned to collecting and plying with the Vampire Counts. I have decided that the story need some face lifting and a new character needed to be introduced to match...
  11. Giladis

    The rise of the Chalcomancer

    Let's get rolling :vampire3: 4 WIP shots of yesterdays work. Skeletons Lycius the Healer (Vampire lord from border princes) Alejandro (Estalian dandy-pirate Vampire with a liking for Druchii fashion) Volodymyr the Chosen (soul of a former champion of Khorne trapped in a bronze...
  12. Giladis

    2250 Tournament List

    After attending the tournament last year with the VC and taking 9th place (out of 54, painting knocked be down a bit as I finished 5th on generalship) I decided I would be taking the VC again this year but with a somewhat changed army and a strong Empire theme. I have some 6 months to the...
  13. Giladis

    2250 Tournaments army

    I am going to a tournament in two weeks time and I have submitted this list. My primary concern is to have a good time and to provide the same to my opponents, also the list is influenced by my background so some items or characters (like vampires) could not be taken. What I am asking you is...
  14. Giladis

    Vampire Count of Sudenmark

    DRAGUTIN DOBROEVICH Voivoda of the Karpy, Lord of Vukovdol, Baron of Wolfenhof, Count of Sudenmark, the Lupul Dragutin, know sometimes as Drago, is a peculiar man of exquisite tastes. He is exceptionally tall for a human and due to his pale complexion and gracious movement one could...
  15. Giladis

    About the Trueborn and bloodlines

    Intrigued by Get_of_W'soran writing I decided to revisit my own character and to do so properly I went and reread all the Vampire lore I have. In the beginning there was King Lahmizzar of Lahmia, who had as far as we know three children Lahmizzash (who went on to become king of Khemri)...
  16. Giladis

    Invitation to Agram Arena 2008 in Zagreb

    Dear fellow Undead I am happy that I can present you with this invitation in the name of my Club. If you have any questions I will be more than happy to answer them in the shortest time possible. All the best Giladis
  17. Giladis

    2250 Everyday Force

    I have created my personal bloodline ( don't worry the Master is one of those 5 that didn't make it out of Lahmia ) based around druid-fighter character, the background will soon follow in its full glory but for the starters here is the army list. The goal is to be firendlly but still be able to...
  18. Giladis

    Vampire Counts of Sudenmark

  19. Giladis

    Agram Arena Winter 2007 WHFB Tournament

    Fellow gamers I am glad that I can invite you to our local annual tournament that is celebrating its 5th anniversary.