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  1. TobinRoss89

    Lone Wolf Texas gt

    Well as the title says this is about lone wolf gt. I was wondering if anyone from this site was going to compete besides me? Anyone who is in the Texas/Oklahoma /Louisiana area should try to make this one. Its a blast and this year it will be in the Arlington convention center next to the Texas...
  2. TobinRoss89

    Tobin's Alamo GT list 2500

    Alright so here is the list I am thinking of taking and since there is only 2 vampire players going I thought I would see what you guys think. Vampire Lord (445) +1 Magic Level Master of the Black Arts Dark Acolyte Lord of the Dead Helm of Commandment Crown of the Damned...
  3. TobinRoss89

    Please Help, Im about to play the top american Skaven Player soon.

    So for those of you that care I might be having a game here pretty soon with Jesses the top ranked skaven player in America because I am trying to prove to the E.T.C American Fantasy Team the hidden potential of the Vampire book so this comming year we can place higher than we did this year (...
  4. TobinRoss89

    Black Coak dispell dice

    So I was playing another vampire player and he was telling me his coach would eat up dispell dice along with power dice. Is this true? and if so where is the rule for this.
  5. TobinRoss89

    Tobin's Ard Boyz list for the semi finals....maybe

    So as some of you know I made it past the prelims of ard boys without to much trouble and Im moving on to the next round. Now normaly I dont show my list till after at this level but I want some opnions of the good people on this site. Vampire Lord (445) Goes with Skeletons with spears...
  6. TobinRoss89

    Ard Boyz 2010

    So I was wondering how many of us undead are going to be throwing down at this years ard boyz? Im hoping to make the finals and would like to see how well the players of Carpe Noctem do this year. I plan to make it to central time zone finals and hope to see some of you guys there.
  7. TobinRoss89


    So what fluff is known about Ahborash? Also how well would he stack up in a fight versus differnt things like say a bloodthirster or Sigmar?
  8. TobinRoss89

    How do you stop war machines?

    I know how I take car of war machines which is with wolves and vargulfs but I was wondering how everyone else does this? With the rise of war machines in 8th edition we need to be able to deal with many more than we have had to in the past. When you run into double Hell Cannons, Great Cannon/...
  9. TobinRoss89

    Well its the season for cheese almost. ARD BOYZ! 3k

    Well I have seen the other posts of people working on there ard boyz lists and thought I would show you guys mine to help me tear it apart to make it better and work on what to do with things that could mess up my list. Vampire Lord (355) General The Cadaverous Curiass The Book of Arkham...
  10. TobinRoss89

    San Antonio GT

    So I think I may become one of those super competative american gamers that everyone hates so much :devil2: I just got back from watching my first GT and decided hey I am just as good as those guys so I am going to throw my hat into the ring. I was wondering if any of our wondefull friends...
  11. TobinRoss89

    Den of Vampires in Texas

    Lets see where to begin...I have played vampire counts since 6th ed and have never swayed from them:vampire3: Its really really hot out right now so I will be playing more and posting more on here until the temperture drops from 115 farenheight:grave:
  12. TobinRoss89

    Does anybody know where to get these undead horse heads?

    So I am in the middle of coverting up some black knights and I would really like to get a hold of these bits. Does anybody know where to get a hold of them? there is a link to series of pictures where you can see some black knights converted up from one of our own members...
  13. TobinRoss89

    What happen to plastic Black Knights?

    I remember a while ago there were some rumors of plastic black knights; What ever happened to that? Also if anyone could post there pics of Black Knights I would really appreciate it so I can get some ideas on conversions if I decide to go that way.
  14. TobinRoss89

    What is the doggy death star?

    I have heard the term doggy death star thrown around a few times and was wondering what it was. I know about the blood knight and Grave Guard death star units but am not aware of this doggy one.
  15. TobinRoss89

    Death Star Grave Guard

    So lately I have been using the grave guard Death star unit ( I run 30 grave guard and three vampires in the unit at least) and was wondering, what can deal with this unit? what stuff should I look out for to keep my unit safe. I play mainly against Daemons, Dark elves, High Elves ,and Warriors...
  16. TobinRoss89

    Is there a chink in the daemon armor?

    In my local gaming group we have a daemon player who is destroying everything that we throw at him. He has even had the nerve to play his demons not up to there full strength. I humbly ask for any and all advice on how to defeat the daemon menace with our undead horde. any tactics, tricks...