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  1. Karl Ritter

    Metal clanks

    Antoine de Moil closed his visor with a clanking sound and hefted his large two-hander once more to meet the next tide. From the left and right of the slits in his helmet, he saw the halberds being lowered to meet their foe. "For the lady men, this bridge shall never be crossed as long as we...
  2. Karl Ritter

    Banshee scream and Vanhells

    1. In my last battle, I Vanhelsed my Wraiths(and Banshee into) an enemy unit..whom fled as reaction, stranding my charge halfway. Still, other enemy units where in the range of my screaming banshee during the shooting phase. Yet, the rules tell nothing that it can scream in a failed charge...
  3. Karl Ritter


    Last game, I had a few small arguements over the effects of 'Bloodrinker': -1-When you wound enemies, the result of the sword, does it work instantly? or at the end of the phase? -2-And, may wounds be regained for both the character And the unit he is with? Or just one of them...
  4. Karl Ritter

    Forbidden lore

    Maybe a stupid question, but just to make sure. (btw, couldnt find it fast, so, asking here) -When you take forbidden lore, lets say, with a level 4 vampire lord. And you opt to take another lore with the ability, do you still get to roll your 4 spells in the lore of vampires?