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  1. jbizzle113

    Fly List

    I'm trying a new list in preparation for a tourney coming up that I may possible play in if my job allows it. Just looking for thoughts on the list . If I do get to play I will not be changing the two lords although I know their builds are not the best but it is something I've tried before and...
  2. jbizzle113

    9th age 6000 tourney list

    I'm preparing for a tourney and I have not had a game since 8th. This is the list I will start practicing with. The tourney is in March so I don't have long to prepare. Bloodline Von Karnstein Midnight Aristocracy 665 Vampire count General armour of Destiny Blade of...
  3. jbizzle113


    Quick question and I dont know if its been asked before but since beguile say you have to take a leadership test at -3 and if failed you must reroll successful hits does this count for impact hits as well since they are successful hits.
  4. jbizzle113

    Local area tourney list

    So on July 11th my local store is hosting a 2500 point one day tourney uncomped. The last for 8th edition. So here is what I'm bringing. Comments are more then welcome. Vampire Lord Zombie Dragon nightshroud talisman of preservation red fury quick blood HA lance shield level 1 of vampire...
  5. jbizzle113

    Possible 3000 point tourney list

    Mortarch Mannfred Vampire lore on zombie Dragon 659 Talisman of endurance Nightshroud Dispel Scroll lev 1 Lov red fury quickblood master of the night lance core 750 30 ghouls 10 skeleton archers 5 horse archers 20 zombies standard 20 zombies standard 3 chariots standard banner of...
  6. jbizzle113

    new List

    Here is a list i'm trying for a tourney coming up and i've never played w/o a vampire so here it goes. Master necro lever 4 Top lore of vampire master necro level 4 earthing rod lore of undeath necro dispel scroll Wight king bsb talisman of endurance sword of might wight king nightshroud GW...
  7. jbizzle113

    MR question,

    If i have the flag of the bloodkeep and a vampire with MR2 do i get a 2+ ward save vr shooting from wood elves with their magic shots/
  8. jbizzle113

    Garden of morr army

    There is a tourney coming up next month and this is the list i'm thing about taking. They are allowing battlescrolls so with that said here is what i may take so far they have performed well. Mannfred cairn wraith cairn wraith cairn wraith cairn wraith necromancer 110 lov...
  9. jbizzle113

    Fly list

    Vampire lord 641 Dread knight heavy armour level 3 (LOV) Quickblood red fury nightshroud talisman of preservation OTS Abyssal Terror Poisonouos tail sword claws Hero Necormancer 115 Dispel scroll (LOV) ruby ring of ruin Vampire 220 Flying Horror Lore of Shadow...
  10. jbizzle113

    ect tourney.

    Tryiing to make a list for an ect tourney. I have never played ect so this will be something new. this is what i have so far. Strogi ghoul king 420 skabscrath dragonbane gem Ots Curse of the Revenant summon creature of the night Master necro Hero Carin Wraith Tomb Banshee...
  11. jbizzle113

    Dual Engine list

    Here is list i want to try for a tourney in May. Its 3k. Mannfred Necromancer level 1 vampire dispel scroll 5 wolves 45 skeletons full command banner of eternal flame 50 skeletons full command 30 xombies banner 20 zombies banner corpse cart balfire spear...
  12. jbizzle113

    3k list all Vampires.

    I have a list i want to try out for 3k and its a pretty much all vampire list. Now i know at least 5 people will tell me this is a krazy list. but here it goes. Vampire lord 520 Hellsteed lance quick blood red fury nightshroud Talisman of preservation other trickster's shard level 3...
  13. jbizzle113

    possible list for tourney 4 months away 3k

    Vampire lord 489 helm of discord,the other trikster shard, Talisman of preservation,lance, Barded nightmare, forbidden lore (heavens), red fury level 3 vampire 201 glittering scales, shield, lance barded nightmare, aura of dark majesty, fear incarnate, level 1 shadow. vampire 176...
  14. jbizzle113

    Grail Quest

    Going to a tourney this weekend Grail Quest and it is a swedish comp tourney and i found out my first opponent is going to be a wood elf army. The only problem i have is i've only faced wood elves once before and the person did not know what he was doing. So i dont know what to expect from them...
  15. jbizzle113

    Up coming 2500 swedish comp tournement

    I'm attending a 2500 pt swedish comp tournement in a month and here is my list: VL level 3 (Heavens) Nightshroud, GW, other trickster shard, Talisman of Endurance, AODM, Forbidden Lore, and beguile.450 Master Necromancer (Lore of Vampire) Necromancer Dispel Scroll, MOD 110 (Lore of...
  16. jbizzle113

    2500 point list for upcoming tourney

    I'm going to a tourney this weekend and here is my list VL 519 lev 4 nightshroud talisman of preservation great weapon red fury aura of dark manesty begule heavy armour and shield. Vampire 215 bsb armour of fortune quickblood and fear incarnate necro 90 lev 1 book of arkhan necro 125 lev...
  17. jbizzle113

    3000 point tournment coming up

    Mannfred 554 Nightmare Vampire 169 Ironcurse icon Armour of fortune nightmare barding heavy armour Vampire 159 dispell scroll Enchanted Shield nightmare barding heavy armour 40 skeletons 230 full command 40 skeletons 230 full command 30 Zombies 100 standard...