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  1. count kill alot

    Show us your vampire lord(s)

    well iv straitend the sword trouble is that it still looks scew becouse of the previus highlighting, back to the work bench but this time ill try a diferent tec. for the sword will post a final piece at a later stage, again thanks guysxD
  2. count kill alot

    Show us your vampire lord(s)

    lol just found out that the sword is strait i thoght that it was a saber:redface:, thanks for the help yorga:thumbsup:
  3. count kill alot

    Show us your vampire lord(s)

    The sword has that curvy shape, unfortunatly i couldent get nice close ups as it starts to blure, looks much better up close at any rate im satisfied with the overall. H very well painted colours are well chosen and crisp, well done.
  4. count kill alot

    The Order Of The Black Rose conversions

    Lol never thought of konrad but its a good match, cloud you emagin their babies :konrad:, must be where wraghulfs come from :Vampire1:
  5. count kill alot

    Show us your vampire lord(s)

    Nice work guys, here are mine so far. hope you like
  6. count kill alot

    The Order Of The Black Rose conversions

    Hey guys sorry for another long wait. Anyways 2 hero lords done. Raven, body guard and loyal friend to Rose. Don’t have a name for him yet but a lord. Hope you like.xD
  7. count kill alot

    Voting: Choose the best Necromancer

    Found it extremely hard to cast a vote awesome pieces all around, but have to give it up to robition for his out the box thinking and bringing something unique to the table. If I had to choose id go for varghulfs or anything that stands in for one:devil2: Good luck to all.:thumbsup:
  8. count kill alot

    Blood and gore

    Thanks for all the replies on short notice you guys are awsome. Saw a few show mes on youtube aswell think the different styles and the effects might even mix it up a little for when i do zombs to make a divers feel. Again Thanks to all:happy:
  9. count kill alot

    Crowmance's rather generic undead rabble

    Kick ass converts my freind. i do agree with Santa trust him he is a painting machine, do water down your paint as thick paint will abscure the detail work, looking forwards to seeing more of your work.:happy:
  10. count kill alot

    The Order Of The Black Rose conversions

    Thanks for the compliment robtion. Sorry to disappoint just thought it had a nice ring to it, plus needed a theme to go on. The GW’s BC already adorned with roses so kinda took it from their. In any case as I started to think more about it a story started forming, armie needs general and...
  11. count kill alot

    Blood and gore

    Hey'all Need some help to do nice blood effects. I know about the epic tamian clear red's existance, trouble is cant seam to get it locally and i can only get it over the net, find it not worth the trouble for a dap of paint. So what I want to find out is whether you have tried different...
  12. count kill alot

    Mad 'At's Marvelous Manifestations

    awesome work especialy love the horror portal, i imagin loads of DoC players copying it.
  13. count kill alot

    The Order Of The Black Rose conversions

    Lol what can i say sex sells:devil2: But you could green stuff it and add extra layers of clothing. By the way sigvald is also pantsless :perv: ill snap som picturs of his butt for the plesure of the pervs out their:perv:
  14. count kill alot

    The Order Of The Black Rose conversions

    Thats a mini from gamezone;) http://www.waylandgames.co.uk/gamezone-miniatures/vampires/leonora/prod_6443.html
  15. count kill alot

    My old army, up, and back again

    Awesome work mate, from colour scheam to conversion work:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:, as for the paint work :konrad:MasterClass:konrad:
  16. count kill alot

    And here... we.... go

    Awesome to see them all batched up like that If I could give you a tip: start with what you would deam the fastest to paint your way throe, example ( my best is metallic so heavily armored troops such as GG) Since it’s a long process id suggest you paint some of the fun stuff in between to...
  17. count kill alot

    The Undead Legion of Countess Ludmila von Karnstein

    kudos on your nech turned out gr8:happy:
  18. count kill alot

    The Order Of The Black Rose conversions

    Hey guys sorry to take so long with the post I´m shush a slow painter, so to paint a hole armie is a daunting task:scared:. Tried to paint core units but toke to long and got bored in the prosses and just packed everything away. So thought to start this time with the fun stuff. First my work...
  19. count kill alot

    Rusted armor.

    their is also the pigments paints from MIG, all you have to do is paint your metalic colour the add the powder to the areas you want rusted. one warning thow this stuff sticks to anything and can flake off to stick to other places so use very little at a time you can always add to it later...
  20. count kill alot

    Turning the World to Darkness Challenge: Necromancer

    Wow thats a sweet conversion falowed by an awesome paint job well done